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Nama Accomplish: To-Do list reborn Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.2.1 Ukuran: 9.1 MB

Komentar di google play



Very simple app, unlike the other complicated and buggy messes available in the store. Seriously needs to add a scrolling feature between days, as I schedule overnight work a lot. Also needs an option to have the notification play as an alarm that lights up the screen, but that's just me (and should be 100% optional). Otherwise, this and Habitica have helped me so much.



The app is amazing, i love it Just two things. Reminder does not have a sound, and there is no option in settings. The reminders have to be loud and clear If i designate the task as recurring event, the task doesnt appear in the widget, which should not happen. I have a task that i do everyday, so if i keep it on recurring my widget is blank doesnt show that task. Please correct these problems. Asap.



Decent app, but heres a couple suggestions: update the styling! Make it more minimalistic and sharp like some of your competitors, because it looks really old fashioned right now. Also, get rid of the vibration feedback! It is so annoying to have my phone vibrate every time I do something on this app. Don't want to deal with it.



Good app! Very useful and easy to use. One thing though: the app keeps showing tasks that I've completed as incomplete tasks. A bug in the app I think. Another thing. I like to assign different colours for different types of tasks. However if I leave the app and come back to it, the colours of the tasks cleave changed to the same colour; namely orange. Otherwise a very good app!



This app was All I needed to manage my tasks, which other apps usually don't have, and flexible too, very handy for timeboxing! but the google calendar goals do not sync at all. if I strike off a goal in this app, it doesn't reflect in google calendar. And when you shift task blocks it shows a bug where the task block expands to fill the whole day.



I am on my 6th or 7th to do list app, and this one came close enough to doing what I wanted that I thought I had found what I need. I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't move unfinished tasks off the calendar and back on to the list, but I could deal with that. But you can't edit a recurring task for one day without editing all of the recurring tasks. So I'm back to the drawing board. Would be willing to try this app again if this got fixed.



Very simple and fast as advertised. The failing of virtually all organizer apps is the lack of flexible reminders that will bug the hell out of you until you either do the deed or admit you never will. Accomplish has some of that but it isn't very flexible... The longest snooze is 60 minutes. As a to-do list: Outstanding. But not a life organizer.



this app is so close to what I'm looking for... but I wish it had these features. 1. ability to pick day view or week view in the settings. 2. ability to make to-dos recurring. 3. If its past the time that a to-do was supposed to be done and its not checked off. I wish it went back to the to-do list (not sure if it does this yet).



I am diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, and I have been looking for an app thay could help me structure my days. This app is by far the best. It has an extremely intuitive interface. I find this this is the most convenient, smoothest way to block out a schedule. Making adjustments is simple, and the ability to reuse the tasks rather than making all new ones everytime is the GOAT!



This app has helped me the most with DTL or daily task list. SPEED is amazing and ability to quickly decide when I'm doing something is lighting. The app hasn't been updated in a while so the drag feature for the pre alert doesn't work. But this doesn't change the fact that this is my go to for tasks I decode I want to accomplish before the end of the day. Also, anything you move from task to schedule moves back to task. (Must change in settings) If the task is more regular, I'd use,"ike"

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