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Download AmoledWalls - Wallpaper [S10 hole punch Walls] 7.0.0

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Nama AmoledWalls - Wallpaper [S10 hole punch Walls] Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 7.0.0 Ukuran: 4 MB

Komentar di google play



I really love the app, fantastic design, simple to use. But I have an issue, the wallpaper itself didn't placed in the middle it moved a bit to the right. It really bothers me. I'm currently running Android pie, pixel 3 xl.



I have a Samsung S9 plus with the newly updated version of Android's new OS9!!! and there's no button to save pictures to files and also even when you set that wallpaper on your phone, it STILL doesn't save a copy to your phone ANYWHERE!! Kinda renders this a Useless app then,,, In response to the dev: That's just too greedy. They're are free pictures on Google Google Photos Need I say more? Too Greedy!!!!



Final Edit: All fixed! Very responsive developer -1 for the bug that occurred! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Why does this app care what i download?? and why does it have access to the apps i have installed on my device?? I am all in for license checks but this is a serious issue! Had downloaded through playstore only.. uninstalled!!



Not a fan of the white bars that are present at the top and bottom when previewing a wallpaper, I think the picture should just zoom in considering that's how it would look on your phone. Also don't like how in order to download a wallpaper you have to exit out of the preview



Lame. Some pretty images......for maybe an AOD (always on display), but not much for a wallpaper selection at all. I've gotten a couple of the very few fullscreen ones, but the Black backgrounds makes the rest pretty boring. An extra star for the effort. Uninstalled.



AmoledWalls has a fantastic selection of beautiful wallpapers! I spent about 20 minutes the other day just switching wallpapers in and out, as I couldn't decide which to use! I have no need to download the wallpapers with the pro version, so I wish the Donate button worked, as I'd gladly send a few bucks over. Over all, great app, 10/10



For the last couple of days cannot set any wallpaper. Always stuck at 0% while applying the wall. Earlier it was all good. I think one of the recent updates screw it up. Update: started working again. Great walls. Would buy the pro version soon!



Probably my favorite wallpaper app. But still needs work on saving favorites list. Seems every update my favorites list, that when all added up, takes at least an hour to curate, gets wiped. Beyond frustrating, so be prepared, because you're going to find A LOT of great wallpapers and you'll want to favorite them for later, until your list gets wiped and you have to go hunting for your wallpapers again



Can't apply a single wallpaper. The app just hangs with a dialogue box, and I'm forced to hit cancel every time. Seems like this has been an issue since earlier in the year judging from the reviews... it's been a while with no fix so I have to uninstall.



A lot of the Amoled wallpaper apps are pretty much the same. This one has some genuinely unique wallpapers. Many are designed to accommodate zooper clocks and or any widgets you like. They leave a large portion of the screen black for this purpose. That's another thing most wallpaper apps don't offer.

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