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Nama Cats Atelier - A Meow Match 3 Game Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 2.8.1 Ukuran: 99.2 MB

Komentar di google play



Played the game about a year ago and loved it, came back to play it and everything is in Japanese now! Tried to change it to no avail so cant understand anything in the game anymore or any of the settings or menus. Please change it back to English or at least give us an option to change the language back to English. It was entertaining and liked the story line but now I have no clue what's going and cant fully enjoy the game.



My new favorite game! I seriously just can't put it down. The story does not always follow itself and almost seems out of order in places but it is sweet and fun. Levels are challenging enough to stay engaged but not so difficult that you're stuck for days like some other games. Doesn't push to spend real money either like some games so that is a major bonus



I love the app. It's fun, simple, and doesn't take super long to get to the "point" of the plot. Sometimes the game will glitch but it usually only happens after a level, thank goodness. I'm hoping with this update the app will be better about that. Otherwise, super cool and cute. Love the animation and art!



What a cute little game! It's basically a match 3 game, but it also has a storyline to follow as you play. There are lots of great special events, and while you can make in-game purchases to get items, you can get pretty far without having to do so (tip: when you finish a painting, share to Facebook or Twitter to get 100 free sardines). I just wish the other characters weren't so mean to Meowogh (especially Kiki, she's a conceited little gold-digger).



This used to be my favorite. It used to have fun back-to-back special events, and the characters, art, music, and story were all cute and entertaining. I collected tons of unique special event items. This summer, they began to go weeks in between events that were all the same concept, which got boring. Then this month, they announced they would no longer support the English version. As of today, even the English content they'd already created is gone. It's kind of devastating, honestly.



This is probably my favorite game app ever. It's a matching game with an adorable art style, and as you play you unlock the storyline of struggling cat artists, and they always add events. Absolutely adorable and addicting, best of all, there are no ads. In place of ads theres optional power boost packs you can buy, and its not intrusive on gameplay at all. My only complaint is that sometimes when I launch my app, theres a black screen. I reboot again and its fine.



I love the art and characters of this game! It's cute and fun, and makes the "match 3" genre feel more enjoyable. My only issue is the CONSTANT crashes in some levels. The game can't handle its own effects sometimes, and there's NO way I've found to reduce the game quality or disable effects to help the issue. It typically happens at the start of the levels and doesn't make me lose a life when it happens, but it's annoying. It can happen at the end too, but it's always given me the win if I did.



I love this game! Some puzzle games get too difficult or make you pay too much- not this one. It has stunning graphics in some parts like the clay opening, and lovely, smooth graphics everywhere else. The story function is simple but not boring - its enjoyable. Same goes for the puzzle function. It's also very calming to play - the game isn't too hardcore, and the music is calming and nice. The character design and voice acting is very cute, too. All in all, I would recommend this for sure! ^-^



It's so cute! It's also easier than most other games ive played. I've only had it for a week or so and I'm already at level 340. I've had other match games for months and I never pass level 100. My games occasionally glitched but its rare enough it doesn't bother me. The only thing i get frustrated with is that sometimes when it drops in blocks, it won't always match them all together. if it vertically drops 4 purple, sometimes it only matches 3 instead of giving me the powerup.



By far my favorite match-3. The level designs are consistently fun and creative; sometimes quite difficult, but never in ways that feel unfair. The levels often have clever little twists that need to be figured out or offer some amusing use of power-ups to create chain reactions or fun visuals. Beyond that, the story line is entertaining and the faux paintings are very well done. The sheer creativity constantly on display puts other match-3 games to shame. I love it!

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