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Nama FTP Client Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3.4.0 Ukuran: 7.3 MB

Komentar di google play



Do not use! I edited a file and it removed the 2nd half of the file. So a lot of data lost that was very important.



I changed my phone and the license is not working anymore. I've tried contacting the developers but they won't answer anymore



Do not spend any money on this if you planning to reset your phone. They wouldn't restore your purchase for you. *edit. without any instructions. pressing buy again would bring what you already bought back without spending any more money.



The first ftp server that I was able to use to transfer from my phone to my 3ds! This app also made me realize I was being a dumbass with the other ones because the ui was simple enough. Would recommend



It's a good app but I am unable to thumbnail on my word or pdf documents and unable to open. Not sure whether there is a cure. Thanks



I purchased full version and after i changed my phone i can only use demo. I try to contact support on April 24 but didn't hear anything back since.



After many months, money spent to upgrade, and hours and hours of frustration, several servers, a ton of clients, we have never gotten one ftp file. I guess that is why no one uses ftp anymore. It is a real bad thing. The apps suck, terminology is stupid ridiculous, and it is junk. All of it. This was our last attempt at it ever and nope not a damn file 8n 7 months. Torrent all the way only!!!



Move bottons farther apart. Resume function needs work. If add files it wants abort files instead of add to queue. Sometimes it says pause/resume loop and I have to restart files.. overall best ftp I have tried all. If a few things I mentioned were fixed it would be the best ftp client.. fxp ftp to fto ability would be great also...



App is nice but there is a very annoying bug, when I want to send over a file I can't see more than 4 folders and I am not allowed to scroll down to pick one of the others, this is a very annoying bug that makes a good app completely useless. *Edit: I emailed you guys.



Purchased unlimited on another phone, after getting a new phone the app is limiting my uploads again. Clicking the unlimited option in the upgrade section gives an error that I already own it, which is true, but my purchase is not restored. Otherwise the app has been great and I'll update my review if this gets resolved.

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