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Nama Infinitode Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 0.53 Ukuran: 11.7 MB

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Very good tower defense. Lots of towers to choose from and a bunch of enemy types. Tons of upgrades. Smooth gameplay. Simple, but effective and colorful graphics. No need to pay to play, but I'd encourage you to. If you get the prize doubler, you will be able to expand faster and it says "thank you" to the developer who obviously spent a lot of time on this game. If you are a fan of tower defense, I think you'll enjoy this. I've played a lot of them and think this one is worth your time to try.



it is so grindy, and barely any of the towers are useful/worth it except basic, air, Tesla if you're feisty. the others have their cost scale so sharply (both in game and in the unlock new features screen) -- and are still less deadly than a basic tower upgraded to with the same amount of money. i consistently get further with just basic and air (no sniper!) than i do when i try and get a varied tower loadout. unbalanced.



It's pretty fun little time waster it is a shame the game is marred by two glaring problems those being that ai targeting is broken on split path maps. Towers often do not target the enemy that it should ideally. Meaning the enemy you think would be the first target might actually be third and get through your defences unharmed or lead to inefficient DPS on minigun. Also the bang for your buck is pretty bad on every tower besides minigun and basic tower. Expensive towers like the rocket should do more damage. And should get more out of upgrades to encourage use. Permanent upgrade tree is fun but makes the game feel a little grindy which is not entirely a bad thing. If the two problems I mentioned get fixed I'd give it a 5.



this game is quantity over quality. you need a lot of towers that deal damage to multiple enemies each shot, then you need to upgrade the attack speed. once you do that, you need to work on your air defense, do not use specialized towers for air defense, they are less effective. once you do that you can use the tower that slows down enemies to deal lots of damage because ten towers will be blasting slowed down enemies.



Simple but has a lot of complexity in the amount of towers as well as the placement and even the areas in which to place the towers in. Very easy to understand and gets pretty repetitive, to get to level 1000 it typically takes a couple hours on the highest speed setting so there is a grind unless you're willing to pay.



Really like the game but the grind is ridiculous. I'm pretty good at tower defense, I just did the math and if I paid 1 actual dollar it would save me 5.5 hours of replaying the same first few levels for tower upgrades. This amount of game cash would easily be spent on just a few in game upgrades or levels and then it would be back work. Essentially you need to pay to make any real progress in the game. It's a shame cause it would be a great game if they just reward you with more in game money



I love the game. It's incredibly fun and I spend way too much time playing. That aside, I'm a little confused as to why the towers don't always shoot at the target their set to (first, strongest, weak) I haven't noticed it on all levels but it's really annoying and it mainly affects some of the higher levels. If the towers would always shoot at the target their set to, this game would be 5 stars.



Very solid tower defense. I'm worried the developer isn't getting paid enough for the game, because there don't seem to be ads or anything... The upgrades tree is a bit large and long, but the towers all feel unique and balanced. One bug is when I have 200 multishot towers on screen zooming in and out tends to freeze the game. Be a good one to fix.



An amazing example of what Tower Defense games should be. Very deep gameplay with solid mechanics and upgrade tree (think redwood). Graphics are very well done in a minimalistic style that easily conveys whats happening on the field. The ability to collect map tiles throughout matches and then create user maps is a great addition for replayability! Most of the time I play while listening to other music; so I will not critique, but I have no problem assuming its just as great!



I love this game for the elegantly simple and infinitely scalable geometric graphics alone. Plenty of (if not too many) tower types to choose from and a vast upgrade tree. One cannot "beat" a game that's permanently in survival mode, but I played until I maxed out the upgrade tree and got over 1000 levels on every map. (On a side note, I did try the sequel game, but found it too busy, with the introduction of "sciences," or whatever they call it.)

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