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Nama Kaspersky Password Manager Ekstensi: apk
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I have been using it for almost one year now and from the beginning i was using a free version. I had renewed premium for an year now. It helps me alot an daily basic, we are in new generation we create many id and passwords for each websites i.e shopping, payment mails etc it is important to have this app with you. Im loving it and recommending you all to give a try. Worth it. Thanks kaspersky team.



Need to enable "accessibility" for auto-fill feature to work. But doing this has an unbearable hit on phone performance. It becomes impossible to switch apps, and fluency of ui is reduced visibly. Would not recommend, will look for competitors offers when subscription ends.



Doesn't work for apps, which makes this password manager essentially useless. I have my phone on me more often than my laptop. I access app versions of websites more often than the websites themselves. Useless if I have to manually copy and paste passwords. Edit: Choose a password manager that IS allowed to autofill passwords in Android. There are a few options such as Dashlane or Lastpass.



This app is a pain in android. Its pretty much unusable on my Samsung the app stops / crashes seconds after opening. I have sent many many fault reports. Its coming up for renewal and its a shame but I won't be renewing my subscription. As Kaspersky hasn't even bothered coming back to me after the multiple attempts at reporting. Shame as the windows version is pretty good and I'm happy with that. But its no good if it can't/ won't work cross platform.



I've been using the app over a year now & I love it. I know there're some bugs like the autofill is turned on still wants permission for no reason. This problem occurs specially in Xiaomi phones. But Kaspersky is a trusted company, their policy about securing the data is the most likable feature. I would take the premium if the pricing were reduced a little bit.



Edit: I recently got a new phone and it thinks I changed my Master Password, I never have. I can no longer log in. Will uninstall and look at other options. Review: For many websites does not remember password automatically causing me to constantly have to change them. Also, tells me to turn on auto fill in settings when it is always on.



Current version is unusable. Most of the time when I attempt to log in and it just shows the processing circle. This was happening on my note 9. Since bit was an older phone I bought a new one thinking it might of been a degradation in the phones processing power. It is still happening on my brand new phone. I plan on waiting a week but for a paid service I shouldn't be locked out of my password manager. As this issue has been happening for a month now.



Minimal browser support, locks you out before you can accomplish anything. Need to receive a verification pin from you bank? Too late. Locked out. Want to copy and paste a password? Too late. Clipboard clears before page loads. Want to change delay times? Your options for clipboard clearing are 1 min and NEVER. Menu operates less intuitively and OPPOSITE the desktop version because why shouldn't you have to relearn the same app for each platform?



The app itself is great, but the most recent update for the Android system did something, and now the app closes immediately after trying to open it, and I keep getting a phone pop-up that says the app isn't working. I tried uninstalling and re-downloading it but that didn't fix the issue.



This app is good for those of us that have a bad memory and still want to keep their password secure however twice so far I've had an issue when I changed my password in the app: when I attempt to log in after the password change the app tells me that I'm not using the correct password and the old password doesn't work either. this has happened twice so far and the first time I ended up getting locked out of my email account and Facebook. Im lockedout again but I have backup methods in place.

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