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Nama LEGO City Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 43.211.803 Ukuran: 116.6 MB

Komentar di google play



This was really very much super. This game. I never see in my life. I'm telling all to install this game and it is awesome, cool, best in the world we can say, it creavity too, from my heart "I am telling this is the best game ever I seen guys you all want to try this surely and we can open it easily



Not a creative game. the stirring wheel controls are weak. Not good enough to control the car/ fire truck. there are no breaks. Bad for little kids.



Well it is awesome and interactive it would be cool if there is a rescue mission in the open ocean or submarines or urban cops that chase crooks it would also no cool off there were bombs and bike racing and I could go on but I think you got the picture. PS : I used to play this game about a year a go



Good game, cool missions and gameplay, just please, basically add free roaming in the open world, as well. Free roaming in the open world is okay for kids, since it doesn't contain any blood and gore, just add an open world and it will be the best on the playstore



Cannot find the latest arctic content anywhere in the game. Have collected and unlocked everything, on the latest update. it's advertising content that just isn't in the game.



Been playing for 1 day. Just commercial for LEGO sets. There are 8 missions, they are always same. Arctic area consists of a mountain road with dragster mission. It seems that unlockingl buildings have no effect at all. If you build petrol station, or tourist terminal, or gem lab... thing changes... you cannot freely create vehicle and drive it around. its all bound to time limited missions...



It's great and fun to build new vehicles, but there are no arctic mini - games like in the images. It doesn't show up after I got every part and built all the most of the buildings. I'm missing Somme golden bricks. why are they so hard top obtain?



I like the game a lot! Very easy to control! But I can't find arctic explorer on the game. It gave me the arctic explorer notification and it said that it has five new vehicles, but it just won't work.🤔



I cant get the artic explorer i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app vut that disnt work either. The controls takes some getting used to. i found that it helps to use the left and right turn buttons instead of stearimg wheel. I wish they would fix it so the artic explorer was compatible with my update I did on my phone. it says its not been updated for the 2.0 version



It was an amazing game it's just stuck on the prize bag and keeps going. My kids are very disappointed as it was an amazong game they loved. It still works on another device but it was just downloaded recently. It seems like they get so far and then it stalls on the prize bag every time it's opened now. Uninstalling and reinstall didn't solve the issue. So sad!

Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
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