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Nama 1010! Block Puzzle Game Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 68.18.1 Ukuran: 62.1 MB

Komentar di google play



It was a super decent time killer app, but in all new versions, they've replaced the older themes with new not-as-good in-app purchases. You used to be able to unlock themes with time and effort by earning stars, but that option is completely gone now, and replaced with each theme being 99 cents. In my eyes, the app kind of went from a fun, free experience to a smelly cash grab.



A decent app with basic controls and concept. Luck out weighs the skill and strategy of the game due to the random onslaught of pieces. You don't get any bonus points for combos or doing multiple lines at once, so you don't need to try to get huge amounts of points at a time. Very easy and soft colors. An ad will play after every game. This was entertaining enough for an hour or so of gameplay, but I'm not planning on coming back.



Fun, but frustrating. I have no problem with ads. The game pieces are not random at all. You can plan, and play judiciously, but the game will throw you impossible-to-place pieces by analyzing the board. Example: if you don't have much room for horizontal pieces, your next 3 pieces could be only 4- and 5-block horizontal pieces. With a fairly clear board, you get a more random selection. I want to play the board, not the all-knowing engine. Uninstalling.



super fun game! lags a bit, but that may be my phone's fault. i think it would be really cool if you could unlock new color schemes for the tiles based on your high score, like if your high score is from 10k-25k you can pick from this section, or if your score is 26k-50k you can pick from a cooler section and so on and so forth, so you can get new colors without only spending real money



One of my go-to games, it hasn't run properly in months. Nearly every time I pick up or put down a piece, the game lags for 3 or more seconds. It always ran fine on this phone. Even after a factory reset, installing 1010 and running it before installing anything else, it still lags. What happened to support for my mobile cpu? :(



I've played this game since around 2015, and I love it. The ads aren't intrusive, and the concept is simple yet very fun. But, for the past few months, if I lose after I've been playing the game for a while, my music is turned off and my sound turns all the way down. If I've just opened the app, my sound stays, and that's the only way I can get around it. Otherwise it turns off. This is a minor problem, but it's irritating. But great game, just some bugs.



I've had this game for years and for the first two weeks it worked fine. Ever since then, the only way I can get it to work is to turn off ALL of my data - wifi and mobile. As you can imagine, that's super annoying. I noticed that it was super laggy loading the ads so I paid for it to be ad free and it's still lagging. I'm super bummed that removing the ads didn't work, I still can only play it with data off.



Great game. A highly addictive and relaxing way to unwind after work or while commuting on the train. My only complaint is that the non-randomness of the game gets old. For example, if all you need is horizontal pieces, the game intentionally sends vertical pieces (repeatedly). If the game truly was random, this behavior wouldn't happen.



Like others here, this game used to be one of my favorite ways to kill time; it's fun and challenging trying to top my high score. Recently it began freezing every time I opened it on my Galaxy 9+ . I uninstalled and reinstalled it numerous times, but the issue persists. I'm leaving this review only in hopes that it motivates someone to fix it!!



Played the app for years, very simple/ comfortable app to play, if it's hard to concentrate or ease your mind, playing the app can be very helpful as it is simplistic/ easy on the eyes/ also just challenging enough to keep you occupied from time to time. One thing.. Doubt most will care but. I wish u could choose to disable the new rotate button, screen was perfect but the button is irritating/unsatisfying to look at imo, I get it but it is disappointing especially if you don't plan to use it.

1010! Block Puzzle Game
Ditambahkan: 2022-08-08
1010! Block Puzzle Game
Ditambahkan: 2022-08-08
1010! Block Puzzle Game
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-11
1010! Block Puzzle Game
Ditambahkan: 2021-07-29
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