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Nama A Light Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.6 Ukuran: 0.1 MB

Komentar di google play



I downloaded this for an LG tablet. All I get when I open the app is a white screen. No settings, just a white screen. On the plus side I got no ads.



Just what I wanted, a simple, bright light that I can turn on without going thru multiple taps and swipes. Great job devs!



I used this to easily turn my bixby button into a flashlight toggle on my Samsung S10+. Worked like a charm after initial setup and accepting of permissions. No ads or problems.



great for using with the native bixby remapper. Instant flashlight toggle every time i press the bixby button on my S8. Thank you for making this free and with no ads/permissions!



Just turns off after 2 seconds Sony XZ2. Doesn't crash but the app won't show up. It blinks 2 seconds. Not the best...



I think i originally found this on XDA and its still the best flashlight available after all these years, even without any updates. Unlike all these other flashlight apps that state "brightest flashlight" when they're no different at all to the stock app, this one actually is much brighter. Theres a small cosmetic bug as of Android 11 where the notification icon is now just a solid white square.. Thanks for the app, its still a gem amongst a pile of rebranded stock flashlight apps.



I was looking for a flashlight app that will work by clicking on the app icon to place it in hangar (which is an app that works like a dock in the notification area) and this app can do what I want, and having app settings in an app that's not supposed to have an interface is a bonus. Just one note: The yellow part of the icon looks like the sun and the blue part looks like the sky around the sun. This makes the icon look like the icon of a weather app rather than a flashlight app.



I really like the app but with my Samsung Note 4, still need to unlock with fingerprint to turn it off please if you could make it work without needed to unlock the lockscreen then it would be perfect. Thanks for making a very good app.



it's supposed to do one thing and fails right when you need it most. Why in the world would you have it auto turn off in one minute? Who needs a flashlight that automatically turns off in just one minute? It might as well burn your thumb before turning off. at least give it options or more easily just a short buzz or something every minute to remind you it's on. just checked the screen shots. I don't have a notification so I have no way of adjusting the settings.



The Best flash light I have used, and I have tried so many, but no one is as bright and works as well as this one does. I have installed this app on several different phones for my self and some friends, and it works without any issues every time on every phone it was installed. Thanks!! to the developers for creating and providing this Great flash light application, I Appreciate it.

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