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Nama Action RPG Game Sample Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 3.0 Ukuran: 179.9 MB

Komentar di google play



laggy and dont see the character move just look like flying on floor... hit impact also bad. how the others say this is the best game ever? whattt?...



This is a great game. the dynamics are great. I'm learning UE4 so one day I can make games like this. Love it.



Game itself is pretty nice i beleive but sad thing is that i cant adjust graphics so please make a little bit lower graphics setting



For those people who dont know whats this app for this is for research purposes on how it looks a game using UE4 (UNREAL ENGINE 4) and this is also how to test a device performance for gaming in games that using UE4 (but this is not the best example though)!!



This game is amazing, and if it's only a sample, I wonder how amazing the game would be. You guys should make this a real game, trust me, it'll be popular very quick.



Why my device is not supported thos the second time i installed this game but it keep saying floating point render target support and my device is samsung galaxy J2 Pro. If you read this message i hope you fix the problem pls i want to play this game so bad thank you



The gameplay is the type of gameplay I've been looking for for years, all you need to do is to make this a full fledged game and optimize the graphics so that it could actually be playable.:)



Its really good this is the kind of game that I have been looking for pls improve this and make it smoother I really want this game add maps and keep the souls infinite thank you. I ll give five stars if this was improved. 10/10 for now👍👌 and also keep it offline



Honestly now I have ue4 testing app... I was rather surprised that this can even run on midrange devices... Anyway like I said great testing demo for ue4 mobile games developers to see how far they can push it and see results...



It's good, guys We have just launched the best version of this game with multiple levels, immersive storyline, optimised gameplay and astonishing Graphics. Check " The Lost Mystic Ornament" on playstore and get amazed🥳

Action RPG Game Sample
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-12
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