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Nama Adobe Scan Ekstensi: apk
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Trying to edit a PDF with any of Adobe's software on mobile is similar to having your eyelids peeled off with a potato peeler. It incorrectly places the text marker between the text lines, it highlights the entire pdf to edit instead of just the small portion I need to edit, it won't upload to the cloud because it says I'm out of space which also makes no sense especially when I am a premium subscriber and have been on and off for 4 or 5 years. This app needs pest control to come clean out bugs



I design roof and floor trusses professionally and I often need to take pictures of architectural plans. This works really well in that situation wherever I'm at. When people text you a picture of a plan this app can also be used to clean it up to something that's readable in PDF format. There's a learning curve on it just like everything. This app has tons of potential in the right hands. I haven't seen another app that comes anywhere close to this kind of capability. Free cloud storage too!



The last pdf app i downloaded, did not turn photos into pdf's and if it did, i couldn't locate it. This app asked me to rate it after the first photo was turned into a pdf and i was able to turn it into a pdf and actually see where it was located in my phone, with the ability to rename. Everything was so user-friendly, instant, easy, and organized. If it keeps doing that, it's the best app online! Wish I'd found it so much sooner!



The best scanner I've used yet! It's the perfect alternative for those of us who don't own a laptop or PC with a scanner. Not only is it great that you can scan you're documents and even better you're able to edit them and save them as a PDF and/or JPEG. This app is beyond what you're regular scanner does extra software would be needed to edit and add to you're documents but not on this app. Great job devs!!!



This app has exeeded my expectations. It's is very simple to use, the quality of the scan is very good, and I can easily send a saved copy of each scan by email. The ability to scan multiple pages into a sing PDF is a bonus. Having tried a few different scan apps before, I have finally found one that does everything I need, easily, and in with quality. Thank you developers.



I had to use this for classes, and it was easy and useful. Then tax season came... me and my wife had 29 pages to scan, and it was a nightmare with the printers. I remembered that I had this app... All I had to do was take a picture of the pages and then email the one pdf! It is so much easier than the printer/scanner hassle just to convert file types... This was cake.



WARNING: No longer free! It does go a great job (sometimes with some manual adjustments), and I came to love it and used it for the rare occasions I had a document to scan and email and such because it's more convenient than a traditional scanner. HOWEVER, definitely not worth paying a subscription fee given the free competitors. It works well, but several alternatives (Microsoft Office Lens, for one) are roughly equivalent, and free.



I honestly do not review applications. For the primary reason that every user is unique and my opinion of an interaction with a user interface and application are preferences... Not factual. However you need this app. It's cool and helps me look professional and smart!! You all have someone in your work environment who "thinks" and will boast that they are better at technology and therefore more efficient than you. Now, download this application and prove them wrong Thanks Adobe.



The only scanner/PDF creator that doesn't make you pay to remove watermarks! That's enough for 5 stars from me. The corner/edge detection of documents could be a bit better - I usually have to adjust the corners even when I take a picture of a white document on a black background with optimal lighting, but I can't really complain for a free app from a reputable software company.



I'm impressed. Scanning experience is intuitive and fast. I used this as a test to try scanning a business card, to strong results. One thing I would love is the ability to OCR in multiple languages simultaneously. Even two would be fine. Also, ability to scan direct to JPEG or PNG instead of PDF would be neat for workflow. I know you can export to other formats after, but this would let me skip a step.

Adobe Scan
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Adobe Scan
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Adobe Scan
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Adobe Scan
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-18
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