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Good game, but towards the end waiting 5-7 days for a license is pretty ridiculous. Unless you pay to play of course. Also wish there was a free flight mode and a way to speed up the cruising time during full flights. But the landings are fun and sometimes challenging. Edit, Now I'm up to 20 days waiting for a plane. Per your request I did reconsider my rating. I reduced it by 1 stars.



This game is, by far, the most immersive flight simulation on the mobile platform. Flight enthusiasts will enjoy the full spectrum of control, as well as the graphics, and attention to detail. This is the only mobile simulator I've found that allows you to go from engine startup, pushback, taxi, and takeoff. Wonderful game.



PHENOMENAL. I absolutely love it. I wish there were more long flight missions but the progression system and training missions leading to new planes and incrementally more difficult missions is beautiful. I think this is possibly one of, if not the absolute, best flight sims on mobile devices. Recently added forced ads but these devs are far from greedy. Forced ads seem to be occasional to the point I've recognized no pattern to the ads showing.



Forces you to go through endless "tutorials" before you can do anything at all, even change the volume. 10+ mins playing and I still can't access the settings because it forces your hand. Furthermore, I've played the game in the past, so I don't need any of the tutorials, but there's no way to do anything about it until after the endless tutorials.



This is an awesome game. I love it. But there are some bugs. Sometimes I'm suddenly not allowed to control the plane. Also, I would really like if the instructo/controller commands were spoken and not just written. Finally, I would really like to see views of the cabin of the planes that show passengers and everything.



My favorite simulator app by far. Very immersive, yet quite forgiving. Controls are great and the visuals are absolutely stunning. Rortos, you've nailed it with this one! Edit: Will a purchase disable ads? The timer counts down while I'm stuck watching an ad. The ads are affecting the urgency of the game for me. I've even had flights expire due to ads. Can you give us an option? Update: I don't get the bonus for watching a video. Is there a glitch or something??



I like this game although it could use a few tweaks when it comes to the calibration. When using a phone to control the aircraft it is a bit tricky and so controls should be adjusted to compensate. For instance when having to go into instruments panels to adjust controls it's a bit tricky trying not to fly off course when trying to get out of panel. Also there seems to be another issue where it wants to dl a patch but the dl freezes and stays frozen for a few days



Very enjoyable sim. It would be cool having the ability to use buttons, knobs, and switches; to control things in the cockpit. Maybe having the option to do and control different actions before and after flights like fueling the aircrafts or loading and unloading luggage, deicing the wings or fuel spills. Full take offs and landings are more exciting.



This simulation seems to run very smoothly on my Samsung Tab 6. Good graphics and seems to be very easy on the battery. The more I play it, the more I like it. Oh yes, except for 1 ad that opens almost as soon as you open the app, all other ads are optional. You may want to view them in order to progress faster because there are reward incentives, but it's YOUR choice.



Very realistic flight controls, would like to see actual taxiing navigation, like incorporate the actual letters for the taxiways at each airport and give instructions as a real ATC would. Also the tooltips need to stay on the screen just a bit longer during the license exams; I find myself having to repeat the exams a lot in order to make sure I get a chance to read everything. Also needs the option to flip the screen 180°. I have a dead spot on my screen and can't see how much money I have.

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