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Would be a great, easy to navigate app....except the "add to cart" button doesn't work! The entire purpose of this app is literally to purchase things, it defeats that purpose of you can't actually do that! Every other aspect of it operates perfectly, but the cart button is just like dead space and clicking it does absolutely nothing.



Good app, stable. Not the best layout, too many ads clattering the tiny screen. Can't zoom in to see product descriptions, disputes, etc. I had to research most things on my laptop. Coupon system is really confusing to say the least. Product rating is mixed with seller rating, thus making the ratings useless! You have to read through many reviews to really understand what you're buying. Prices jump up & down. No consistency in product description. So, you still need & better off with a computer!



major stability issues on my s9, buggy, odd quirks involving applying coupons that mysteriously disappear, doesn't seem to have very good api functionality for logins. there is no customer service so good luck when someone sells you something that breaks. Update: pretty much the same issues on my Pixel 6 with the newer and even more horrible Android OS. Some of the stability issues have actually improved as well as some of the API stuff, however, it's still a hot mess of an app



Shipping takes a little bit usually 2 to 6 weeks, but everything I have order has arrived in great condition. It's best to buy from the same store, so you can save a little bit of money on the shipping, just be mindful of that, or else you'll have to pay a lot in shipping. All in all I'm really pleased with their app, I also make sure to confirm when I receive my packages that way AliExpress can confirm it with the private stores I bought the items from.



Far too many push notifications & texts. Most items are bait & switch from the start. You may see 5 tubes of paint for $1 or even less, only to find out that it some other random item in the a tiny paint brush that is $1 & the paint doesnt come as a set, but individually & are $9/ea. And it takes approximate 1 month to get items...often of questionable quality. Three stars because I can spend endless minutes scrolling instead of whatever task I'm procastinating on.



Addicting! I've been using the app for a while now, and I find loads of well-priced items for both fun gifts and useful items. Living in the US, I find it takes 2-3 months to get here, currently. Although I've made sure to buy from sellers with a 95%+ rating, there have been times items don't get sent, and the return process can be slightly annoying when you're just looking for a refund. Overall, I ❤️ the app and have even won freebies 2xs! Unfortunately, I think Ali is getting rid of that tho..



At 1st I thought it was great, but it turns out there are numerous flaws. Unless you're choosing free shipping, the shipping prices are often outrageously high. Some sellers are fake/scammers posing as real stores. You normally can identify them based on the names, when they start, the overall store reviews (some not available) ect. I made an order on an item and immediately they confirmed. But I cancelled my order as I felt skeptic on the lack of communication. I was refunded but not in full.



Search doesn't really search! It returns *some* items matching your term, but mixed in with countless other random ones. Definitely not putting the most relevant results first. And sorting/filtering? Why even provide the options if the app essentially ignores them? 2 stars for actually providing an app, but experience is horrible. The only real option is to search Aliexpress via Google than in the app--which is a poor workaround. Give us real search and sorting again!



Standard shipping is depressinly slow, but most vendors do offer faster options. You will often find great customer service from most vendors and their desire for repeat business is apparent. I dont really care for the design of the app to be honest. Finding my messages is frustrating as are some other aspects of the app. Overall though it is all the stuff from Amazon but cheaper and without the middle man. If you dont need it right away this is where you go to buy it, so plan ahead folks.



Great prices. Images really depend on the vendor. The app is confusing to navigate but its more often than not all there. I'm having a hard time finding the shipping options, as the sloooow default shipping (that is, to the US) is the most annoying part. The coupons and "deals" look only worthwhile if you're buying in bulk/for a store. No idea how to use the coin games.

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