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Nama Anime Piano Tokyo Ghoul Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 11 Ukuran: 36.7 MB

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love it big fan of Tokyo ghoul (not you kaneki) but some of the music goes so fast when you first try to do it. unreval for example is like endless speed right off the bat.



ever since the last comment I made on this game saying I've had no problems with it all the problems started. the game doesn't realise I've pressed the button when clearly I have and it will sometimes just make me skip notes and end the one I'm doing



I played it and the experience is not that good. The tiles doesn't match with background music. It's also laggy. This game is annoying since I don't like long press piano tiles that much.



the songs are good but the music to go with it dosent sound right and on glassy skies song the files are to far apart and I think they need to be closer because they are just to long of a wait for the next part of the song so it dosent sound right but other then that it's good



The tap detector is just trash then you don't even have a chance to use diamonds to revive because your. Instantly watching a add and it's so annoying. Just really at least fix the detector it's so annoying when. It doesn't detect a tap. Then I have to watch a add for your guys problem and it's just stupid



Okay so I just wanted to say that: 1 I downloaded the game. 2 I played the songs and it was sooooo🔥🔥🔥😆. 3 I wined crowns. 4 I left the game. 5 I joined again. 6 it was all restarted😬. 7 I didn't care😑. I just wanted to play all these songs😆😃! ITS LIKE SOOOOO COOL



I love this game but it needs more fixing.. I almost finished the game like unlocked all the songs but today when i open the game , all my stars and crown was gone , I have to restart all over again 😭 but even with this problem , the game is still fun, if you're a Tokyo ghoul fan you will love it . I hope you guys fix this problem soon cause i really love it and I don't really want to uninstall the game 😓😢



Im giving it three stars because I know its a good app from the times I've had it before, but the sound keeps glitching out at multiple times during the songs. I have tested of out and its not because of my earbuds or sound system. i'd deeply appreciate it if you fix this.



This app is brilliant. It's just my phone whenever I just reach on a score it always happens that my phone hangs on the same score. If their is any possibility that you can see that then it's better. If we ignore the hanging problem then it's a great app.



Amazing, there's some bugs wigh the scores for a couple of songs and a little annoying motion blur, but really doesn't matter, the music is awesome, love it, play it everytime i can.

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