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Nama AppLock Master Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 30.0.8 Ukuran: 5.1 MB

Komentar di google play



Doesn't work after restarting device, lots of bugs and glitches also ads ruin the user experience



Its not gud when i open my app this lock is not working properly. Frst the app is opening its self. Then its locking off.



Best app lock app found in Play Store. One complain: it doesn't work after I clean my memory. I have to go to the app to activate it and then it'll work. My phone cleans every 2 mins of inactivity. So please fix it. One suggestion: you can add an option of taking pictures in lock screen too. Other apps don't seem to work, even after I grant permission. For that matter they don't work for apps too, but this app does. So it would be better if you made this take pictures option in lock screen too.



It's good app but one thing annoying me is that when I left my phone for few minutes and then open at that time this application is not working



It doesn't work nicely It isn't available in my insta like my insta can be directly opened without jany app lock I have applied this app for insta as well but it isn't working



Could you please recover all the photos and videos which was lost through the app? A warning would have been great before doing that.



Where are the videos and pictures that were in the vault? You removed the option on Android 11 and i can't find my vids or pics in the original source location.



The app does not lock when I turn the phone off for maybe a few (3-4) hours . I have to go to the app , open it and almost like remind it that it suppose to be at work . Itl work fine again 7nt8lba turn it off Hain for the time frame .



Honestly I don't understand why, after a few hours the app stops protecting my apps. I have children that love to go through my phone when I am not around it. I am disappointed because this is not the first AppLock that I got this problem with.



My all photos and videos gone all the memoreis gone after updating the app now how should i get it back...its disgusting ..plzz give my photos and videos updating this should not have happened.. however give back all my data ..plzz ..

AppLock Master
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