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Nama Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Letters Writing Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3.2 Ukuran: 12 MB

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Very nice app, just a minor problem the letters should have started from right to left, but overall its a great app.



Early stages but so far very user friendly and encourages both writng + pronunciation & repetitive practise easy . Jazakallah



Fantastic, very helpful. My child is enjoying, alhamdulilla.



Easy way for the complete beginner



I am finding this app to be very helpful and useful. Very well designed. I like being able to create custom tests to work on areas I am weak in. 👍🐻 Same thing as other reviewer mentioned, please make chart right to left.



Marshall Allah this is a very great app and good for beginners who are willing to Arabic alphabet. But i have only one problem with this app, the Arabic alphabet is from left to right instead of right to left i think the owner of this app should take this into consideration thank you. May Allah bless you. Ameen.



Mashallah ,Super se bhi upper. Very very good videos helps a lot even mullana , teachers also don't teach in this very good method. Thanks for teaching and thankyou very much the bhaijaan who is teaching great.



I liked that the app allows you to practice listening and writing Arabic letters, in fact, it also allows you to compare the letter you traced with the original. However, it does not tell you wether you did it correctly or not. Also, lots of adds pop up and this can be distracting.



Ok for learning the basic alphabet but it doesn't seem to really help with writing because each letter has multiple forms depending on where it occurs in the word, and this app only teaches the "standalone" form. I was looking for something a little more complete.



I really like this EXCEPT as others have said, the letters are lined up left to right when they should be right to left also when dotting the characters they dot them from left to right which is wrong. It seems small but imagine someone teaching you to write the letter j by starting from the bottom. Other than that I have not been more impressed with an Arabic teaching app.

Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Letters Writing
Ditambahkan: 2022-08-09
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