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Nama Bendy in Nightmare Run Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 1.4.3676 Ukuran: 196.9 MB

Komentar di google play



Its a wonderful game for any Bendy fans, graphics look good, its fun, but it tends to be glitchy. When the first boss shoots 3 fireballs, it just freezes and you cannot dodge or anything. Also, the audio does go out at some point and the game will be silent for a while. Once those bugs are patched up, I wont have a single bad thing to say about this game.



This is a great time waster when you got nothing to do, but there is problems with the functionality of the game like all games they must have a flaw. Your flaw is the lag in most of the acts expecally when in walk the plank when he spits out three gold's it lags a lot and it makes it almost impossible to beat the act without taking damage. Then this one isn't very bad but some times the music does not play and it's just quiet untill you leave and re-enter the game. Please fix these bugs thanks.



The app has crashed a few times, the ads can make it a bit wonky, and some levels can be a bit too tough to play but that's the fun of it all. I love the challenges that this Bendy app brings, so it's okay if it isn't perfect, not everything has to be. The sound also cuts out at times after an ad plays, but it can be brought back on after time. For what it is, this app is great and I love BATIM everything. Keep up the good work Joey Drew Studios and keep on making bendy content.



This game is amazing, the sounds, the difficulty, the design, and the replayabilty. The only problem is that when I die and the option comes up to watch an ad to revive myself and I click it, it doesn't work , I have the same problem with the ad to boost my health aswell, though it may be my device. Other than that this game is great!



I came back to edit my comment. It still looks beautiful. I played it and I am actually surprised. I found this while going through exploration games. It is worth exploring. The old timey film look is amazing. I had a little trouble stomping. It indicated sometimes the target circle it shows when it attacks and not before to anticipate the attack. Just a small timing thing, showed up before for the most part. I ended up having to throw objects. I thought is a good game, will continue playing and recommend to my brother. It goes into a category it's own.



I have no gripes with the way the game works at all. The mechanics are simple and work great. As well the visuals, sound design, and general concept are excellent. However, for whatever reason the audio cuts out after the ads play which irritates me as I would keep playing, though I have to restart after each ad/level just to play it proper. If this could be fixed, nothing would be an issue at all.



Game is wonderful, really fun and honestly looks so cool. I only have one issue, but despite it I still think it's a 5 star game. I have an audio bug that happens everytime an ad plays, where after the ad is over, I have no sound at all from the game. Ads that play will have sound, but game doesn't. But other than this, it's a great game and I highly suggest it.



I've downloaded this game three times now, and it says there's an issue and it needs to restart every time I open it. It never solves the error and I'm stuck in a loop of restarting it over and over to no avail. I really hoped to experience this game, but as it stands I can't even open it up. It's not worth it to keep trying, I'll just get Subway Surfers or something else as a running game... I hope those who can open it enjoy their games!



I used to love this game! I had to uninstall it at one point though, and after reinstalling it, it says it's run into an issue and needs to restart, I've tried waiting, powering my device on and off, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and nothing helps, if that didn't happen anymore, I would change to 5 stars because overall, when the game works, it's fun!



I know what I would rate it if I could play the dang game! Everytime I try, there's a pop-up saying there's an issue and the app needs to restart but the popup comes back. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried allowing privilege and dening privilege, but nothing works! If the creator is seeing this, please fix your game! We all wanna play!

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