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Nama BLEACH Mobile 3D Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 39.5.0 Ukuran: 101.2 MB

Komentar di google play



The game itself is amazing and I love the way it brings up crucial moments in the anime. The only downplay the game has is the jam packed servers that makes very difficult to get into the game and play for a certain amount of time until the game says: "Reconnecting" which it being a beta explains a lot but it's just a major thing to point out during the time the real game comes out.



While I have no issues with the size of the game, it's fully 3d so of course it's going to be large, I must say that this game needs a whole lot more polish. The sound effects are non-existent for hits. The sound effects that do exist are meh. The visuals are great, though characters do randomly fly through the air every now and again. The music is ripped from Brave Souls, which makes sense really since this appears to be a 3d remake. Right now I'm sticking to a low 3 star.



Game is fun and easy to learn. Easy to get into and play for a little while or for long periods of time. Only issue I have is the recruitment where I have to watch the full animation if I do one at a time (have 4 recruitment tickets and have to click one more each time and watch the animation) it's a short animation but can become tedious 9 times in a row for example. Only complaint. Other than that a great fun game.



This game is well optimized and runs great! The combat isn't some grand innovation but it's still fun to do, and the animations really get me pumped! The sacha mechanic for unlocking new characters is really bad, you don't just get a character at random, you get a character *fragment* at random so you have to draw character around thirty times to unlock them...



I really like this game. The battle controls are easy and fluent, and the recruitment system is way better than Bleach Brave Souls. The only issues I have are with the interactive parts. Some of the grammar is wrong, and it would be nice to control when the text changes. Sometimes I might have to stop to do something outside of the game and it would be highly convenient to leave without the RP screen continuing on.



Graphics are awesome, but that's about it. Played through to level 22 just to see if it got any better as features unlocked, but essentially the game boils down to holding the attack button and leveling up characters.. that is, if you choose to actually NOT let the computer do everything. Arena is hands-off as well. Don't even have to complete missions to be able to auto-battle, so really no point in even doing anything. Gacha rate is ok, nothing special. Super time-sucker.



I've started a new game, and I'll admit, it's an interesting experience. My real issue is that everything todo, and there's a lot of things to do, but you're so limited to participating each real time day. That should change. I've put many hours and real money in and still only have a million pieces to go, and the bad thing is, there aren't a lot of extras to add in the first place. The character base needs updated with more of the storylines characters, captain/lieutenant teams etc.



So this game so far is really great! Combat is great, control were hard to get a hand on but once you get it, it is very simple and easy. Only issue I have is when it comes to getting characters... I really do not enjoy the whole, collect this many fragment to unlock a character... Its a annoying grind but it is a small thing. Other than that no issue so far and game runs smoothly.



Positives: Best Bleach game this past decade. Simple yet fun game play that can be difficult to master, or you can just auto. Fair to free players in my experience so far. The amount of playable characters. Negatives: Poor English translations. Dated graphics and textures. Goofy animations for some characters. Doesn't have a proper aspect ratio for the S22, and likely other large screen phones.



Awesome App! The gameplay is fun and there is lots to do. Don't worry, the game isn't "pay to play" and the gacha system is very fair. It looks great and it never lags. I reccomend! Though there are a few glitches that I wouldn't mind being fixed. For example, occasionally when you enter a battle you won't be able to move or use any of your attacks and the only way it can be fixed is if you turn your device on and back on again. Also the English can be pretty funky sometimes. Thanks. :)

BLEACH Mobile 3D
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BLEACH Mobile 3D
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