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Nama Call Blocker Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 0.97.43 Ukuran: 9.2 MB

Komentar di google play



Everytime i turned the app on and exit the app its showing in the notification bar saying call blocking is on but Everytime I checked it right after setting it up everything is off and it's letting calls through. hasn't blocked anything and won't stay on. But it says it's on.



This is great app. Don't get me wrong. But the thing I'm having problems with is when I'm on a phone call I have the setting on block call that are not in my contacts send to voicemail it block the number but it will disconnect my phone call and it will not send to voicemail. That's annoying. That's my only problem. I have with this app.



After my fav. Call Blocker was discontinued, i looked for a simple & efficient replacement and found this app. Isn't stuffed with unnecessary Non-Call Blocker features and does exactly what it should do. 2022-01-24 Still happy, simple & efficient 👍 Thanks for the Dark Theme now I'm fully happy 😊 2022-04-11 Switched my phone and Android 11 doesn't seem to be fully supported. Calls are blocked, but rings at least once.



Works, as far as blocking, but.... I was so happy to find this app not only blocked 9 of my repeat annoying calls, but the phone never rang.😁 However, a very annoying caller was put through to my voice mail today. I don't know if I don't have something set up correctly, but I don't think any voicemails should come through that aren't in my contacts . 🤔 I wish I could give 5 stars, as it is the best call blocker, and free that does block calls, so far. I have only had this about 2 weeks.



Works pretty well and happy with it for the most part. Took off a star because if I'm in the middle of a call and the app blocks another incoming call, my call gets dropped. Also my screen turns on whenever calls are blocked even though notification is turned off. Overall a simple app that does its job.



Only block exact numbers. When it blocks, the phone doesn't ring & the call is logged. UI is simple and clean but has an ad that partially blocks your screen. Blocking "numbers beginning with" or "containing" does not work. Uninstalling as I'm looking for a feature this app fails to deliver. Would have paid for a pro version if it does work.



Update: it blocks the calls, but my phone will still ring for half a second before sending them to voice-mail, which can be irritating if you receive a lot of robo calls. I used Calls Blacklist at first because it blocks calls not on your contact list, but that app stopped working with Android 12, so I got this app instead and paid for the premium version since it does the same thing.



rating after 1 week, so far so good, set to allow contacts only, sends people straight to voice-mail. I tried about 3 or 4 other apps before this one, I'm sticking with this one as long as I can. thank you app makers! all your basic features, doesn't have super fancy ones such as block specific area codes, but it's totally free, very limited ads, can turn push notifications off, so it runs quietly. UPDATE 1 MONTH LATER, I have notifications off, contacts only on, this is the best app I've used



Works pretty good. Some times there is a half ring on an unknown number which I'm ok with. The first time entering my white list I had to do it manually. The 2nd time (my fault) I used the import funtion. An improvement I would like to see is a random digit to be entered by the non-white listed-caller to eliminate to the last few unwanted voice mails.



Ads freeze and won't play, and I can't use my phone's nav buttons (app switch, home, back at the bottom of the screen) because it all redirects to the page of whatever ad is showing. ....which is extremely dangerous if an ad happens to be malicious. But closing and reopening the app every single time I do anything in it is the closest to functioning I can get it. I'd consider buying the app if I could actually try it

Call Blocker
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Call Blocker
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Call Blocker
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