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Nama Brick Game: Retro Classic Brick Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.6.5 Ukuran: 12.9 MB

Komentar di google play



Good app but too many things to fix literally to many!!! After 1k you can't score more because the game miss function all the time Almost waste of time ⌚⌚



It keeps freezing every 2 levels or more that i had to close and launch it again. Might un install this if it keeps doing that.



This is a good game. But how do u turn off the auto rotate? It messes me up when the block rotates by itself and I want it turned off. Thank u! Edit: ok it's fixed. All I had 2do was turn off the gesture. Sorry.



Can't believe, real game from my childhood. Everything is same, the look, the buttons, sound. Very happy and surprised. Highly recommended!



1. beautiful buttons, beautiful colors, beautiful gaming screen. 2. Good quality and beautiful music and sound. 3. the button sound has a little bit delay.



Very simple and just what I was looking for! A retro classical game. Very nice setup and easy to use. Would recommend!



plz increase the play area. controls are not smooth. please increase the gap between the left right up down keys. the direction of rotation is not changing. please make the direction of rotation clock wise for all brick shapes



Nice idea but ads sometime break your gameplay and then it also crashes so you lose all the progress you've made. Crashes at other random times too. The only value of it is its retro design, otherwise it is a very poor playing experience. Would not recommend.



More games were lost due to the game freezing. This is very common once you pass a score of 30K since it happens everytime, Just this week, it froze 2 times at 80K. Wouldn't advice people to even bother with this game. Look somewhere else this not it.



Pretty good. Though getting your head around the use of the direction buttons when u get to the high speed levels is a bit of a pain. Over still feels like the original game.

Brick Game: Retro Classic Brick
Ditambahkan: 2021-03-15
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