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Nama Bridge Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 6.52 Ukuran: 13.7 MB

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Às a returning bridge player I see this earning an easy 5 stars. With the AI set at level 3 it plays a consistent, dependable game, makes hints available when requested, allows me to look at the last trick or to see all hands when I simply must cheat, and lets me go back a trick or two to test different plays. In short, it's a patient tutor, a good partner, will let me learn to play duplicate when I'm ready and has been a lot of fun. The ads are well placed at the end of games and dont distract.



The reason I give this 3 stars is because it's still fun to play bridge despite its glaring flaws. The AI bidding is absolutely absurd, particularly with your partner. North throws out crazy, inexplicable bids, leaving you with impossible hands to play. Also, if you follow the AI's suggested bidding option you'll only get to play the hand about 1 out of 4 times. Really annoying. I know they say they're trying to fix the problems. Until they do, the game can be super frustrating.



Update 12/13/19. I just uninstalled this app. Don't know what happened to the app, but it now won't open on my tablet. Worked yesterday, not today. Runs very slow when it's computer's turn to play. While the play is programmed better than a lot of computer bridge apps, sometimes the computer will make a really weird bid. Also I don't think the hands are dealt randomly as stated. I've been playing bridge a very long time so I've seen a lot of random hands! This app is ok but not great!



It is a pleasure playing bridge with this app. I played rubber bridge for many years in the 1980's/1990's but seldom since. This app is a great way to learn the new modern bidding system as it has the capability to explain all bids and all possible responses. Opponents can be set at various levels of expertise. this app is easy on the eyes even on a cell phone. Enjoy!



Fantastic for practice, can be modified extensively. 2 minor complaints - it has ads that pop up after nearly every game; and clubs are a bit difficult to distinguish from spades since they both point in the same direction and look similar in low light situations. Once again, these are only minor issues that don't take anything away from a five star experience.



Helpful for learning biding conventions, however the AI is terrible playing on defense such as not returning partners (your) lead suit, playing high when ducking is called for, etc. It's best for leaning to bid, what the options are and what each bid means, but it's not intuitive at actually paying the hands, and in my experience actually emphasizes the wrong way to play, so I took 2 stars off.



Really strong bridge app. Explains the conventions it's using, plays smoothly. My two quibbles: 1) app doesn't remember my "don't show this again" choices about tips in between play sessions, and 2) wish I could reorient dummy's hand to match my hand, as far as high to low. A bit disorienting as is. But great game overall. (Edit - developer says they're working on the first, and that UI settings fix the second. I see an advanced UI setting for sorting South's hand, but not for sorting North's hand low to high; it's always high to low, which is a little odd to me. But again, great game, nice of the developers to reach out.)



Overall it is a very good game. However, with the the default settings east/west get 80% of the cards. Over several days, I have had very few hands to bid. I mostly pass. It doesn't seem very random. For that reason I am thinking about removing it!! Update: I tried it again but ended up removing it. There is an ad after every hand which is annoying. Also North's bidding is poor. It opens hands without any playing tricks and is very very conservative. It's defense ignores my signals.



Good screen layout, good play options, good tailoring features. It provides good learning and practicing opportunities by allowing one to step back and redo the previous play or even the whole game. The game plays reasonably well, but is excessively slow in playing a card when configured to play certain options. Partner rarely returns opening lead, which can be frustrating, especially when I keep telling him this and he won't listen.



This is a good app for beginners and intermediate players. I like the feature of being able to reolay a hand to see how bidding or offense could be improved. Defense is hard to get right, but the developers have done a good job. Your partner is consistent, but wooden. I don't observe this improving after plqying a lot of hands, so unclear what the neural net is for.

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