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Nama Can You Escape 6 Ekstensi: apk
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This is by far the worst version of them all. Very unexciting rooms and repetitive music that makes the experience feel dull. The puzzles are much more mundane and difficult to figure out for lack of meaningful interactions. Take a step back guys and gain inspiration from game 5. This version feels like a step backwards to games 1 or 2.



The controls suck and each level is pretty short. Plus the only way to finish and move past level 9 is to pay $$. There are much better games to spend time on. Beginning to think I should avoid all games from Mobi



Stuck at level 10 AFTER paying for the bonus pack. The balls/slide puzzle does not work. So I couldn't get the third bear. Tried the walk-through and the latch panel in the slide still won't open. Need a refund. Can't move on. FRUSTRATING!



So far, this is a very enjoyable game! Ads are not intrusive, which I appreciate. It's a tricky game ... Update: OH OH. I did everything right on Level 4 (I even watched the walkthrough!), but the elevator would NOT open! Doggone it. I wish I could have given this a 5 star review.



It's unbelieve that you have to cheat to push us to watch a walkthrough! In level 5 you show a painting and after putting the missing tiles, there's another painting totally different and very difficult to solve without seeing the original. Shame! Anyway we can take a little revenge giving you just few stars. You could get easily 5 stars, but the objects are too small and your childish tricks mean you don't care about us, but only money, so you deserve nothing.



It was great for the first 9 levels. Then I purchased the remaining levels. Level 10 had a bug or something that wouldn't let me get past the colored balls. I used the walkthrough and also tried every combo possible. I gave up and requested refund. I usually like Mobigrows games....



It's like a step back to can you escape 1 or 2. Very disappointing. The lack of attention to this one is strong and very apparent. Can you escape 5 was a masterpiece and this one just cannot live up and then some. I'm not mad just disappointed. All the staple can you escape games especially 3, 4, and 5 were very in depth, fun, and invigorating. This one is cheap. If it were made long ago I'd have less of a problem but you just set the bar too high with can you escape 5.



Good for about 90 minutes of fun. Just 8 free levels. The first is an oddly executed tutorial and can barely be called a level. Ads at the bottom of the screen, no levels with double rooms like in the past. It's fine to play 1 time and delete. Could be worse, could be much better. All the other reviews are correct. Don't have high expectations



I liked the game until it got stuck on level 10. I bought the bonus packages that allowed me to moved past level 9. On the 10th level there is a puzzle where you have to put the balls in order on a slide and a slot in the slide opens up when you get the correct order. I can't get it to open even though I know I have the correct order because I watched the help video. It seems to be stuck and won't allow me to go to the next level until this one is completed. So I basically just wasted my money.



8 - 10 room demo so don't be surprised or disappointed. I still liked it. everything in my game worked. I did not get stuck or have anything I missed. Even on level 4 (I thing thats the level others said they had problems with a code) I breezed through it. Maybe they didnt get all the numbers because one number was almost blended in. Except for the fact I know these puzzles try that trick I would not have been paying better attention.

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