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Nama Canon PRINT Business Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 8.0.1 Ukuran: 27.8 MB

Komentar di google play



i was uning google's cloud print until today. i could print from anywhere in the world using my printer but the printer is not supported any more so i was forced to download this app which was awefull. It took me an hour until the printer finally managed to connect to my phone via wifi, direct connection didnt work at all. In conclusion they replaced a reliable system that worked every time from anywhere in the world with a app that takes forever to setup and only works as long as you are connected to the same network as the printer.



Extremely few paper options. Doesn't include essential functions like rotation or even any B-size paper sizes for our LBP6040, which supports them. "2-in-1" function doesn't work properly, either. Only shrinks the print down to half size and leaves part of the page blank.



Seriously what is your problem? Why can at least a half dozen third party developers create an app that works with your equipment and you can't? This is ridiculous. Wallyworld didn't want to let me return my printer until they spent 10 minutes with this little gem of an app and finally agreed the product was defective. Too bad - Canon used to be my go to. Never again.



While scanning final file is not saved and app is killed..... Wasted some time..



Programmers should never be involved in creating manuals or even Google Play descriptions.. they can't see the forest for the trees. In this case, they didn't clarify that my Canon ImageClass MF7200 series in network mode (ie connected to router, not via USB) would NOT work with this app.. only specifically WiFi printers seem to work (contradictory to the info above). Thanks for wasting our time, Canon.



This app works perfectly. I have NFC turned OFF and just downloaded the app and searched for the printer using wifi. It found it and i can print. I also fount it can and does printcia bluetooth and IF I turn ON NFC it also works. Note. Please select OTHER OPTIONS to add more options such as DIRECT CONNECTION and others to your print method list. This App is versatile and it just plain works. I wish they had a comparable windows 10/11 app.



Worst printer app in the whole wide world. Every time I want to print something the app says that the printer is not connected. No matter what you try to connect the printer it won't find it. There is no logic to it at all when then 20 minutes later all of a sudden it works again. Whilst the printer is good the app is completely useless and nobody from Canon seems to look into it



What is the point of creating an app for the phone which does not possess all of the print options one would expect of a business printer? There is NO print option which allows for double sided printing along the short edge for landscape printing. Meaning, I can't print from my phone without making the second side coming out upside down!! This app is limited and therefore useless. I still need a real computer to print my work. Please bring your app up to speed.



After the latest update, my MF244DW just doesn't print using this app. Seems like Canon is hell bent to kill a working app..Sic



This app was driving me crazy trying to get it to work! But the biggest resolution to my problem was making sure the phone and printer are on the same network. My phone kept defaulting to the phone's network, not my home network. It would never find the printer when it was not on the same network as my phone. I hope that this helps save time and effort for others! :)

Canon PRINT Business
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Canon PRINT Business
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Canon PRINT Business
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