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Nama Club Factory Ekstensi: apk
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When it comes to shopping the latest styles, I only prefer shopping from the club factory app. They have really an awesome and impressive collection of products which are available at a very cheap price when compared to other shopping applications. The quality of the products matches exactly with the description on the application. Amazing shopping app it is.🤓



Things I faced in my very first order. 1. Order takes infinite time to process and deliver , compared to other online competition. 2. I ordered two products in a single order, first one is damaged not being switched on at all, and second product is not at all what is shown in product picture. 3. Return policy is very awful, they charge 90 for each package. My product was defective, and now I am being charged ₹90 for a reverse pick up, which makes the whole experience a hell of a system. 4. Customers care number is always found busy. You can not even share your grievances. Moreover prices are not justified for even a single product in whole app.In total if you have ordered something from club factory, you are going to suffer.



Really super cool. I love shopping the latest collection from this app. The UI of the app makes it easy for me to choose the product that I am looking to buy. Generally the package is delivered on the date mentioned while placing the order. One problem, the same product, but amount fluctuating every day. But generally, the price is reasonable always and lower than other online shopping apps.😍



I like it. It's easy to find what I want, I also can get help quickly when I am having any problem with my purchase. The products' price is a bit low compared to amazon and flipkart. And there are many western wear available on this app. The delivery takes a little long. Otherwise great app.😘😘Easy navigation and makes life simpler. And thanks for delivering the essentials during lockdown period. So definitely a must try app. 😘😘



This app has really cool products but the after sale service is stringent and unattended. I had an extremely unpleasant shopping experience. The delivered product was defective and there isn't any option to exchange the product. Moreover, the return process is tiresome and only the product cost is refunded whereas shipping is charged. Firstly, it is difficult to find assistance on the app. Secondly, no one replies on the chat assistance. The option to sort and filter don't work properly.



The app is quite user friendly. However, the quality of products seldom what one expects. The products look good only in images. Although it appears that one is getting quality international level product at cheaper rates, that's not the case. One can actually get similar products locally at much lower rates. But then the designs publicised are quite unique, so one is tempted to buy from Club Factory. I would recommend to buy only returnable products and that too where one gets the money back.



So many lovely and fancy varieties of products are available at low and reasonable prices on this app. The looks of clothing and other products is exactly the same as shown in the pic on the app. But if some products is not up to your expectations then you can return it. Shopping from last one year and must say that this shopping platform is simply the best.😆😆



Best choice to shop from! They have everything you are looking for at a great price. I think that this app is well designed & very organized. Very easy to use. I can easily find what I need. The various collection, good pricing, descriptions, and reliability allows consumers to save time & money by providing a large selection & price range in a single shopping search ...Always get exactly what I order and always on time. Thank you Club Factory. Keep up the good work!



I just loved the features of this app such as user friendly UI, No contact delivery during this hard time of pandemic. Free delivery of products and good quality products at a very reasonable price. They have a wide variety of collection to choose from... The entire shopping process is quite transparent. Overall, it has been an fantastic experience shopping with them.😎



The worst shopping site. If we order two items at same time they will only send one of it and mention in the list as two items. And if we contact the customer support they will only say to double check or the item was out of stock. At the end you can't return the item because you don't have the another item which was mentioned in the list. They play a very intelligent game

Club Factory
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-17
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