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Nama Color Phone Launcher Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.2.6 Ukuran: 19.9 MB

Komentar di google play



I seriously don't approve of how it completely changes the set up of my phone. I couldn't delete it until could find it here in play store. It was an add on YouTube and it is also my fault for even downloading it in the first place, but it took me over an hour to figure out how to get rid of it, it took up almost 90% of my storage space. I do not recommend this app unless you want it to permanently change everything currently on your phone.



Do not get this. it was a complete waste. at first i thought that the wallpaper was really cool, but it scamed me. I had to dowload like 3 other apps to get it to work and all of a sudden my home button would not work properly. And to top it all off it gave me an add every like 10-20 seconds (even on home screen) it is Not worth it, do not get this.



DO NOT USE! If you are wanting to download, please read! The app will change all of your app placement, and will take over your phone. if you want your apps to look different, then this is a great app. I however did not have a good experience with this since it completely changed the way my phone was and took me forever to get it back to it's original state ( resulting in me having to completely uninstall the app).



This app messed with my old lock screen wallpaper I worked so hard on it



I personally don't like this app because, most of the wallpapers don't even move! I clicked on a wallpaper that I liked, and my whole phone changed! It really scared me because I wanted it back to its original style. The thing is you can't uninstall it by just holding it down, you literally have to go into the app on Google play and uninstall it from there! I really wouldn't recommend this app.



Very nice but please stop organizing now Cant figure out how to get rid of those overlays



I had this app since i first got my LG V60 and it worked great until today. Suddenly it stopped working and erased all my apps, I had to spend over an hour trying to locate any app. Every theme I tried to add would say it was applied but didn't work. I wasn't able to get any access to apps until i uninstalled this app thru my phone settings. I am very upset because I loved how my phone was with the theme I had for ages. If they could fix these issues I might download it again.



this app forced me to factory reset my phone, I just wanted the wallpaper, not my entire phone to change. I attempted to uninstall this through my setting, because I couldn't find the app on my home screen, but it wasn't there either. I made other attempts to find and uninstall this app but the only way that worked was a factory reset. And this app added many more icons that made everything more confusing.



Trash just trash. Used it before and was fine but idk what they did to it since then but it gets rid of so many things and theres no way of actually getting into the app, not even for themes. Its one and done. Terriable Also gets rid of app menu button, so thats fun😒



The positives: the app is quite interesting, and definitely offers quite a bit. Also, cool themes and features. The negatives: Upon giving control of the home screen to the app (there are multiple options and prompts given if you have not), I have yet to find out how to get back to my old home screen. It also doesn't support some of Android's useful vanilla home screen stuff. Also, adding ads is a terrible idea. I know you want money. But a home screen should never have ads. It's our safe space.

Color Phone Launcher
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