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Download Construction Simulator 2 Lite 1.14

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Nama Construction Simulator 2 Lite Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 1.14 Ukuran: 590.8 MB

Komentar di google play



Beware of this ap. The first thing it did after installing it and opening it was ask for data and storage permissions. I granted the permissions then the game was frozen on main screen with a prompt stating there is no valid license and to get online to access this. I was already connected to the internet so I closed and reopened the ap only to be given the same propmts and no gameplay whatsoever. As with any other untrustworthy ap I locate I immediately uninstalled it.



ABSOLUTELY the best construction game I have ever played. The best authentic machines and jobs. The only problem I had was i cannot get the tower cranes to move or erect. Also i wish i could change some of the controls on the excavator. The are backwards from what I'm used to



Outstanding. As an operator, I love this game. I've only had a couple of minor issues, but they were easily resolved. I just unlocked Westgate, the final region, and am ready to get started! It's a great game considering they were able to put it onto a mobile phone platform. Definitely recommended for the bored operator, or the standard bored office worker that just wants to play with heavy equipment.



After downloading and while playing tutorial I loved the game but after completing tutorial it is the worst game ever. It shows required ad to start new contract and if we click on it it show we don't have internet connection. Perhaps two stars for the graphics and starting part of the game. But please fix this



It's a great game. Graphics, controls, it's all good. The problem is, after I'm done the starter job, it tells me to watch an ad to accept job. I tap it and all it says is"no ad available. Connect to the internet or try again later" even if I am connected to the internet. Every frickin time. Fix it producer!!!!



not a good game. to buy more vehicles and do better jobs you have to purchase the full version. all you have is a crane truck and a backhoe and do the same old jobs. dont download, a waste of time. if this were fixed it would be an awesome game. super good controls and graphics, everything you'd want, but spend money. very disappointed!



Fun game. The biggest thing I dislike is the navigation system. It should show you like a GPS Route instead of just marking the end point and making you figure out how to get there. Also I think it would be awesome to add a demolition mission/s to this or future games.



So I get to drive forwards and then reverse, and then I have to buy the game? Wow, great trial guys. As soon as I try to set the Waypoint to Home, I brings up the screen to pay and I can't seem to go any further. Literally played for 2 mins and this is it. Edit: Restarted the game and I was then able to select the Waypoint. A bit later into the game and again it wouldn't allow the Waypoints to be selected with the payment popup, but I do seem to be able to continue playing.



The game is a little confusing at first, figuring out which vehicle is needed for the job. Once that is figured out, it's a pretty fun game. If not using tilt controls while driving, it's easier to over/under steer, sometimes doesnt register at all depending on finger placement. I have not yet figured out if there is a way to cancel contracts as far as renting home bases. Managing funds is probably the hardest part of the game.



I would have given it a higher rating but you only get to use two pieces of equipment unless you purchase the full game. It has several different areas so there is really no reason why you cant use a few more in that one area you atart off in. It gets boring really fast doing basically the same 2 jobs over and over again. It made me wonder about the reat of the jobs if I did purchase the full version. I would be really upset if there were not much difference in all the jobs.

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