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Nama Ekstensi: apk
Versi: Ukuran: 33.1 MB

Komentar di google play



What a great app! Works flawlessly. It's fast, light, easy on your battery, and simple to set up and use. I have three VPNs in my life and wish they were all this effortless. You may have to tap dance around some public WiFi security to use it, but that is true of any VPN. 5 stars!



I love the idea of this app and use it on Windows without issues. However this app on both my Pixel and Pixel 3 isnt reliable. The auto connection when on non-approved networks rarely works. The connection often drops and gets stuck in a reconnect, authentication loop.



This stopped working, but after contacting support, they got me back up and running. When you go into your settings for Memory and Battery, make sure the app is excluded from sleeping and background apps being closed. I also signed out and back in before that.



Used to be great, recently has become unreliable, after using for 2 years as a happy customer. I will be looking for a new VPN once my subscription ends. * Often doesn't connect. * Often requires completing a force stop In order to function. * Quick settings option stoped working a few months ago with Android 10 and tech support said the new OS broke their code... Months later it's still not fixed.



Slows internet down a lot. I have to turn it off most of the time just to google something or access websites. Half of the time I can't turn it off, it turns itself back on and I can't browse the internet until I restart my phone. Can't use it with TV streaming, so pretty much useless.



I get that your app needs to startup after a reboot of the phone but there are less intrusive ways to go about it than a full screen popup to the foreground. It's disruptive and utterly obnoxious. I can't think of any other app that takes over my whole screen after a reboot. It's essentially behaving like malware. You can just put a notification in the notification shade. It's unnecessary to fill the entire screen, especially if you're not even making use of the entire screen. See screenshots



This VPN used to be great. It has since stopped working. The same public networks I used to connect to are no longer working. I have tried multiple different public wi fi networks, multiple locations, and multiple settings. The only reason this gets 2 stars is that the support staff is pretty quick to reply, and when it was working I loved it. Unfortunately they have not helped me fix the issue.



After initially connecting for a while. It's gone to randomly disconnecting in the background to simply not connecting anymore. This has been the case for several months now. I contacted support when I first observed the stability issue on my pc and received a hopeless response that resulted in my uninstalling the client from my pc.



This has to be the worst VPN on the market. I got it included free as part of an eero security package and I still paid too much. I've only been able to actually launch this app successfully once, every other time it tells me there is an error to try again later. If you go to the website, it directs you back to this app... which doesn't work.



I've been using it as a part of another program. Have only been using for a few days and already it has slowed my connection speed noticeably and several times have been unable to connect at all. Will give it a few more days before deciding whether to discontinue use. My research suggests that VPNs are much more limited in their benefits than most would have you believe.
Ditambahkan: 2021-04-12
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
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