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Nama Fancade Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.7.6 Ukuran: 22 MB

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This game is really fun. I love how there are multiple games within one game, which are all very enjoyable, and it doesn't take up a ton of space on your device. I also really like how there isnt ads every second of the game, and there isnt an option to 'watch an ad to win' feature. It makes it more challenging and you feel very good once you complete a hard level.



I love this game, it's got a really cute art style and the games are fun. However some are also very glitchy. For example on the pool levels, my stick and cue ball phased through the table and I couldn't even see where I was shooting. Then even though I made the shot and got the ball, it still counted it like I missed and I lost. Things like this happen often enough that I have to give 3 stars



Absolutely love this game! Its a great, cute take on a lot of classic puzzlers (i.e pipes, brick break, et al). I love the graphics, though the music is quite repetitive. There are a lot of cool little arcade games you can play, including story mode, arcade -where you compete against other's scores-, and even a level editor where you can make your own levels and minigames! Definitely worth checking out, and one of best parts... you dont get overloaded with ads! (Please never change this, devs!)



I love this game's art style, versatility of minigames, and creativity with minimalism. However, there is one major problem with the game: it can be quite frustrating. Some of the minigames don't work good with touch controls (the biggest culprit of this being Pivot), and the decision to sometimes play ads after a death can be annoying, even though those ads are pretty infrequent. Not every minigame and level has this problem, but the ones that do make it difficult to appreciate this masterpiece



Finally! A game WITH AD's, done right! This is the first game I've ever played that is free and doesn't overload you with ads. There are ads, but they are about 5 seconds long and easy to skip. If this was a one time paid game I'd jump on that (heck I'd pay $10 for it!). But I hate subscription models which is the ONLY downside to supporting this game. Even then I'm tempted just because they did it right.



It is a super spectacular game, but there are a few very minor things that annoy me. Sometimes in blob your polygons get squished up and you have trouble moving. Then there is that relatable moment where your like,"Oh great, it's THAT game again." Maybe in future updates space out games more. I also have troubles making games, I can't even find out how to place a character. Edit: I wish I could see the highest score on a game without having to get a very good score.



This game is like a modern, simpler version of LittleBigPlanet. Relatively simple tools and visual programming make it pretty easy to put something together once you have the editor figured out, and although the community is still young and inexperienced, I can see this becoming something great. -1 star because the game has no search function. If you're in the mood for something specific, you won't be able to find it. You're stuck sorting by "Popular," "New," or one of six very vague genres.



I love this game! My only problem with the Quest games is that many of them are similar to Tumble. I tried playing around with the Build feature, but it didn't seem very intuitive. The Battle system isn't my favorite, but it's fine. The Arcade tab is great, I love user-made content! This is a great game worth playing! There are ads, but not as many as most spam in the Play Store. I find myself getting bored with the new games and wanting more Drive Mad, and that's what Arcade is for. 9/10!



Its the only game I've played for the last two months or so. I honestly love it. The ads aren't annoying, you don't need to pay a dime, the games are short and fun. Best game on the market for just de-stressing and enjoying quick little games without needing to be invested. Only issue is i don't like the battles. They're too hard and the initial 3 games are annoying but maybe i just am bad at them. I tend to not do them. Base game is fantastic though. Major props



A rather boring experience. Games are easy to play, and the leaderboard system (and currency) makes it fun. However, making the games is hard, as there is no tutorial shown. It feels like it could've been an engaging way for those unexperienced to make arcade-like games of their own, but learning Fancade's "coding" language is nearly as, if not more difficult than just learning another and using Unity. The games in the adventure mode are fun, though, and that is why I stayed.

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