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Nama Father and Son Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.0.910 Ukuran: 86.5 MB

Komentar di google play



I don't understand... it feels like it lacks of tutorials for a new player. Once you touch a wrong button there's no back button for it, then you'll have to repeat all over again no one wants that, escpecially if you're already in the middle of the storyline. The soundtracks are good and dramatic I loved it. The graphics are artistic, the second reason I installed. Hope they fix it.



Amazing concept. Yet, took a while to understand, had to play twice. Could have been more interesting and lengthy. As I was able to finish within hours also few levels are restricted to "Naples" which is a major drawback. Still, amazingly designed with a soothing storyline. So its, 4.75/5 just because I couldn't explore all the other levels since I am not a resident of Naples. The maker's should really, look into this which is totally unfair on their part. Finally, dissatisfying climax.



I really liked it. Not really a game more of a story. But it's actually amazing. Artwork was beautiful eventhough its not realistic but overall its great. I like history too such as ancient egypt and rome so pretty clicked with me. It's too bad that some features are not unlocked able as I must go to the museum in real life which not most of us can. Too bad the story is too short finished it in just an hour more or less. But good job mate!



The game had good graphics, musical score and gameplay. I downloaded the game after reading all the reviews but to be honest I didn't feel the sameway as in the reviews. Maybe i had too little to connect with the story. The game kinda felt rushed and there could have been more interactions with all those switching between past and future. This game has lot of potential and I have to appreciate the team for creating something different, a interactive graphic novel. Expecting a sequel or update to the current story to the game. Thank you.



I really like the backgrounds and background music a lot. Its asthetically very pleasing and just like a museum. The story is engaging. The idea of time travelling and experiencing each piece in museum is ingenious. Few things that I had trouble with was that, as there was no narration of gameplay in the beginning, I felt lost as to what I should do. Next the character felt really tiny compared to my mobile screen, so it was difficult to spot it.



An emotional journey with beautiful soundtrack but it was so short, I wished the game was much more to bring than this but as a short game, it was beautiful but it could be much more better if you guys can put some tutorial about the things in the game For example I didn't know that when I touch the clock , it will change to the other character. I hope that you guys release more stuffs



If you're looking for something unique and new in the Play Store, then this is the right app!! This game was truly something right from the beginning. Enhancing about the different art forms in the form of a story while also providing a relaxed gameplay atmosphere is something also why one should install this game. The graphics and sounds of the game were so lifelike. Along with that the story of the main character was also beautiful too. The controls were also really good. 😊



A short game which masterfully designed and crafted. Short game but everything is impressive. The music, the story, the art, the smoothness is something that no one would expect. Gameplay is very slow, but the atmosphere and music significantly helping me to enjoy it. Story is indeed a bit confusing, but it really make sense when you got it. The 2nd story is hitting me deep on my moral decision making and successfully made me shed some tears. A shame there is GPS-locked areas, but not a problem.



The visualization and its implementation is unique and appealing but overall, there's nothing much else to it. I would call it an interactive little story, not a game. There's nothing much to do except just walk around with no real purpose. I suppose if someone relates to the story, they may find it interesting, but I unfortunately was unable to do so. A real game with a visualization theme similar to this one would be a great experience.



This is truly an emotional experience. I don't know how to describe this game other than "beautiful" because it is! The strength of this game is the storytelling. It takes its time to let you invest with the characters and the setting. It is poignant yet hopeful at the same time. It shows a universal "human" story. On the technical side of things, the vibrant colors project a pleasant vibe. And the animations are smooth, it doesn't come off as laggy.

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