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Nama Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 17.13 Ukuran: 102.1 MB

Komentar di google play



I really, really love this game! It is challenging without being too frustrating and each time you solve a level it actually feels like you have mentally accomplished something! Having the option for hints or skips or even solutions from Mrs. Vorhees is another big plus! Sometimes we all need an assist and knowing that I have these options available (although I try desperately not to use them) makes me want to keep playing! My favorite weapon is the toilet brush!



Lots of fun, with challenging puzzles and cartoon-gory "deaths". Love the variety of weapons. The ads are not very intrusive (though some are a bit long) and didn't diminish the fun of the game at all. This game is a lot of fun, and isn't reliant on pay-to-play or in-app purchases to complete the free levels or get fun weapons to use! Note: the weapons are cosmetic only, and don't influence gameplay.



Despite being a puzzle game where you kill innocent(?) people, this is freakin' awesome! The simple yet charming graphics, the level designs, unique death animations, weapon choices, the mother, the costumes, and low frequency of ads popping up! Plus, any/all in-app purchases are not forced upon you, unless you want more costumes, stages, weapons and no ads. But hey, with 104 levels, 8 costumes (with or without mask), and two other optional game modes to choose from, free, this is worth getting.



Coming from a fan of jason and his entire universe, as well as an avid puzzle gamer, this game is very entertaining. the puzzles can get very tricky, but do not fret, you don't have to kill everyone to advance. the challenge is very minimal at the beginning, my 3 year old solves them with ease, but the comedy of the whole thing keeps you entertained well more than enough to keep you playing on into the harder, more developed puzzle levels. I keep it loaded on my phone at all times



Wow, as a huge fan of horror films and games, this puzzle game is awesome! The controls are really smooth, and the graphics are great. You can get rid of the ads entirely by purchasing ANY loot box, which is worth it. If you decide that it's not, the ads don't flood the app; they're just a little long. There are no in-game currencies (thank god). There is an option for PG or R graphic settings, if you like the game but not the gore. I'd definitely recommend playing.



I don't normally do puzzle games, but I couldn't resist this one. It is a blast, and the gore is hilarious. It's such a great throwback! I've already made a purchase (which isn't required) to support this game, and to remove ads. I am happy to see that there are daily puzzles and killing streak modes, too. Lots of replayability! If you get stuck, you can get hints, skip levels and see the solution (but you still have to pay attentiom or you'll get it wrong). And YES they have Jason X!



They somehow manage to make this both cute and "gory". The deaths are brutal but the characters we done so cute that instead it's funny. I really like the puzzle aspect of it. Easy to understand and control. Very enjoyable and addicting game. Sometimes the music has a little beat to it which I enjoy. As I continue to play, the puzzles are great. Love how new elements are incorporated too A first person view of this game would be insane.



This is one killer game! I did get the $10 pack, which gets rid of ads & gets you all areas unlocked & all Jason costumes. It's a great time killer, though some puzzles are frustratingly difficult. At least with this one, as you progress through levels, there are still easier puzzles, which makes for a nice balance. The weapons are a mixed bag, but you can trade three for a new one, nice for duplicates. For whatever reason, I just love the cinder block. There are a ton, and the animations are just great. And the best part so far... "Final Girl (gone wild)." The devs put a lot of time in this one and it shows. I have absolutely no issue paying $10 for the full game with the option to purchase additional weapon pack. That isn't my bag, but the option is nice. And after you buy the $10 option, you have unlimited puzzle solutions. There is no pay to win and this game is just fun to play!



Despite not having more variety in the game's level designs, it is a very interesting and amusing puzzle game for those looking for a Friday The 13th game that's challenging. It's not crowded with ads like other games (they still appear, but free games are like that), and the art style is enjoyable. This being said, my only complaint is that I think having Return To Crystal Lake as the final chapter for the free game would've fit rather well. With that as the final level, it would have made it all go full-circle (mostly). Overall, 4/5 headless teenagers.



The game is sooo fun! I love the graphics, puzzle features and the weapons (in which is my favorite part) but I do have a problem. One thing I noticed when I started playing was the over kill with the Ads. Sometimes it was to a point were it was very frustrating to play. I understand that small companies/teams use ads to help them but I do not think it should be to a point were its unbearable. Please put less ads within this game! Overall...good game! 😊 Sending love to your small team! ❤

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle
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