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Nama GifCam Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.26.0 [26]-14515c5 Ukuran: 14.6 MB

Komentar di google play



It is a good app and great resolution but 1 priblem- it won't share as a gif to Instagram. I've been having a hard time finding 1 that does.



At the moment the SARS-CoV-2 Virus is spreading, this app helps by spreading gifs of useful tips to avoid spreading and being in contact with the virus. Also a tool ive been using for years and no bugs. 😄



Would have been great to make gifs during my breaks... if the app didn't crash everytime I selected 6+ photos... ...Thanks for the nice update by the way



Not completely intuitive but it gets the job done. It makes good gifs and the ads are reasonable.



I previously mentioned not being know where the gifs saved, but I figured it out. I personally like this app, and really enjoy not having ads repeatedly spammed like other apps. really cool for making gifs, and kind of easy to figure out.



While auther similar apps failed miserable , tho I haven't yet explored the full potential of the app yet, it actually worked as a charm creating a gif from jpg pictures, if the rest of the options sre as good the 5 stars assured. Thanks to the auther.



Actually could sort burst images by name... so that they were all in the correct order... all other gif apps I tried failed to sort burst images... but minor inconvenience of having to select each individual image instead of a drag bulk select



I hardly ( if ever ) rate an app, but this one has me impressed. I really like how that you can save to Instagram directly through the app, with no need to use yet another app to convert to a video file from Gif so Insta can use it. It is easy to use, and has several professional features, such as being able to rearrange your images after you have selected them, and you can change the frame rate, as well as make other corrections.



would be brilliant only I spent a good ten minutes perfecting a photos-to-gif series and tapped "save" only to find it hadn't saved and I had to tap something else to really save it. seriously, what?? 🤨 if "save" actually means "preview" it should say Preview and make it really clear that you need to take another step to save.



Since the latest update, with every video I select to transform into a GIF, it gives the "problem while extracting frames" error. Hopefully I'll be able to use it again soon, it worked perfectly before it updated!

Ditambahkan: 2021-05-21
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