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Nama Gods of Boom Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 21.0.175 Ukuran: 1127.5 MB

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Don't download. Ruined game. This WAS a fun little shooter with a lot of flexibility. A bit greedy, but well worth the $10 I spent for the season passes. Now it is broken. You can't dominate with skill due to perks that can be bought (p2w)/ammo limit. Also they have specializations now that don't allow the best combos of gear sets or allow duplicate weapons in loadouts. Money grab and constant ads. I am deleting the game and never playing again. Insanely difficult to get good gear also.



This online shooter is honestly what I expected it to be. It stands apart from other shooter games, at least I thinks, as the easy controls are very well designed into the game. The only issue I see is that it could possibly be a bit more complicated and expanded. This is what makes other games good. I would reccomend adding something unique and new to a game that would be great to play. But overall it is a good game.



It would be nice if we could decide which matches we want to play in, death or points. It's frustrating when I have to play points 75% of the time. Playing with others of the same skill, weaponry, would be better. One shot kills not fun and quite unfair. It would be really awesome if within your clan you could trade or send weapons to others. Otherwise it's a pretty good game.



It's a good game. Great gameplay, awesome gameplay, super easy to get lost into for several hours at a time. The only thing that bumming about it is that, you can't pick what game mode you wanna play. There are four or five different game modes not including events. And they pick at random. I feel you should be able too but tbh that's the only reason for the 4 star rating. Please make it and option



Overall, a very fun and surprisingly intuitive game. It's what you'd expect, a first person shooter which really only requires that you aim. Even with that simple formula, its actually pretty good at responsive controlling. Being able to consistantly land your shots makes for a rewarding result. However, the main issue is that its entirely possible to pay to win. All guns are locked behind either cash or gold, and if you have a powerful gun, you pretty much win... making strategy often useless..



This is a top game when it comes to phone FPS games. Controls are easy, game play is smooth, its challenging enough to make you work for upgrades but easy enough for still progress. Graphics could be better, it gets laggy at times but nothing that makes it hard for me to play. One of my favorite. Sometimes other opponents arent visible but the gun still reacts. That's weird. Sometimes I wish it were easier to get better guns but that's the greed in me. You have to win like 50 battles in order to upgrade or get enough fragments for the better, special, guns. But like I said it's to be expected. Not impossible. Thanks guys. Its fun



Great game and very good graphics. It's one of the best first person shooters on mobile, but some concepts are the absolute worst thing you can ever have in a game. For the example, the free trial use that you can have for every gun in exchange for an ad. It's a decent idea but it is way too overpowered. It allows player to bring one hit shotguns or snipers and crazy assault rifles to a match with low ranks who have no idea how to counter them. Its very unfair. Please change this.



Game is great if you want to pay hundreds of dollars and/or play 24/7 to get the best event items. Otherwise, since the matching is by level instead of trophies, you will get stuck playing much stronger players if you get to around level 40. I have uninstalled the game twice. The review is marked as if it were from an older version, which is incorrect.



Absolutely love the game, I've been here for a while, since it would take a whole week or more to just unlock a gun(don't worry it's been fixed), I'm to say that Im wondering if you're gonna make this a console or pc game, bc again I absolutely love it, but it's kind of hard when missing I single button=death, what I mean is that it's not quite as fun when you're about to drop a 20 kill streak game and you died bc you're not use to the positioning of the buttons or the tactile just fails for you



In the beginning a very fun game. But as time goes the energy to payoff, becomes less and less worth it. The best guns are locked behind casino loot box nonsense. Much worse than pay to play. Aspects of the game make no sense ie costume and perks. No control over level or game play style. It breaks my heart because with a little effort this could be a worth while game but as is, it simply isn't. A very flawed and thoughtless management of a very fun, well designed game.

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