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Nama Google Authenticator Ekstensi: apk
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Komentar di google play



Latest update is terrible. Between login timers, site passwords, and all the other hoops to jump through to get into apps/sites, Google Authenticator has now made their app load/run slower and also added an extra, unnecessary "CLICK TO REVEAL" step to accessing each individual 2FA code. It's as if someone at the company was looking to deliberately turn the program to trash.



works fine, does what it's supposed to. however, the recent update where it hides codes untill you tap them is SUPER ----ing annoying, and there is no setting to disable it. i know how to use my phone & not let other people see the screen, i dont need google to hold my hand. the settings menu is laughably empty, so you have plenty of space to add an option for this, google. "if it's not broken, dont fix it. if you do, at least add a switch"



For years the only real issue I had with the app was the lack of a search (I had no need to transfer it to a new phone). With this latest update I will be searching for a new app though. It now takes at least 30 seconds to open and the poorly implemented, giant font, "Click to reveal PIN" serves no purpose but to add complication. Is the idea that someone might be looking over your shoulder and "stealing" your totp code? Really?



Have used this for quite a bit for a few different things, latest update with the "click to reveal pin" my first thought was wow, that's super annoying. Went to the settings to see if you can turn that off and didn't find an option. Luckily I've been moving my totp to a self hosted bitwarden install and will only have this as a 2fa check to get into that password manager.



I love the latest update's "tap to reveal PIN." From a security perspective, this is a great and simple feature. This update *should* have reduced the background processing required to open the app, making things faster. Unfortunately the opposite is true; the app now takes over ten seconds just to open before *anything* is displayed. I'm hoping this is just a temporary bug and I will be able to update this review soon.



This last update is awful. App is painfully slow and barely usable now. Takes ove 30 seconds to open constantly freezing while scrolling through the list. When a code time elapse it will freeze for 10 seconds before showing the new code. Now you only have 20 seconds to enter it. Finally i tested out the export function which cannot export to file for offline backup as it implies but merely device to device only. After completing that i now have a blue banner stuck at top and no way to clear it.



The app used to be stellar, but the new update has the app running ridiculously slow - it takes 5-10 seconds to even open the app, and when codes refresh it freezes for a few seconds. Your codes now require an additional step to reveal them as well, slowing down every log in process considerably, especially when youre needed to use the app multiple times a day. It used to be a smooth experience, but now it adds a needless speed bump to your work day. I'll be looking into other 2FA apps soon.



I hate the new Click To Reveal PIN feature. Huge time waste, terribly inconvenient. Google Authenticator was simple and easy to use before, and it was perfect the way it was. We could just open it up, scroll to the right entry, make sure the timer isn't about to run out, and get the code you need. "Click to reveal PIN" is just extra steps that do nothing but waste time and take extra taps. Please give us an option to disable the "Click to reveal PIN"



The latest update is horrible. The app now runs slowly. The "Click to reveal PIN" feature is just a pain in the backside, especially as there's no option to turn it off. There's still no built in option to lock the app with biometrics (like Microsoft and many others have), and there's no ability to back up in case your phone dies/is lost (no transfer to another phone is NOT backup).



Also agree that this last update is awful. First the 'Click to reveal pin' is unnecessary (for me, living alone, never using it elsewhere). At the very least it should be a setting, so that people can turn this off. Also, while the numbers where immediately visible, now, for an unclear reason it takes several seconds for the app to even show something, so badly that I restarted the app twice before realizing it's painfully slow. I supspect they now store everything in the cloud...

Google Authenticator
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Google Authenticator
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