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Nama GoTube - Block All Ads Ekstensi: apk
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Komentar di google play



Nice apps, great YT Adblock. But if you have any chance to create lifetime purchase with cheap price to remove ads from you. It would be great! 👍



Please add a live chat replay and download video. And please fix about the wifi problem, I use mobile data smoothly, but when I switch to wifi it's not very good, even though the wifi network is very smooth



There's an issues while i click full screen and back to a small, the screen goes black. And please add live comments at live streaming videos. Thanks. Nokia 6.



It's really best app l've ever seen. In my opinion this app is more better than You Tube go cuz You Tube go will be unavailable from August and that's why l installed this app.



Nice alternative to YT! There are some missing features as well: we cannot delete/remove an entire playlist from our profile... Also it could be nice to have an option to disable your ads (or a small donation for it if possible). Good work!



since the latest update, the performance of this application has decreased. when loading for the home page, the video load buffer also decreases. please fix this bug asap, thanks.



This is a really good app it blocks ads. but there r 2 things I don't like. 1. When I close the app and open it again it plays an ad. 2. It doesn't have YouTube shorts.



a wonderful alternative to youtube, just have some issues. captions are too big, there's no search bar when viewing your history, playlists can't be edited or deleted, and pressing share on a video doesn't bring up an option to copy the video link. otherwise, this is a pretty solid app.



At first I was glad to use this YouTube alternative. But after a while unremovable ads started to appear (like floating animated icon on top of the video gallery). Also some minor glitches have occurred. Find videos in YouTube and play them in GoTube is the way that works for me



Finally after trying like 5 different ad blockers for youtube this one and it came with some cool features which is a plus. I would give it 4.5 stars but I can't for some reason and it's nothing bad just the quality of videos instantly goes to 1080p when I switch videos at 144p when I'm just trying to play music for fast load time but I can't really complain It's a free app and I appreciate the develepors of it you can be proud thanks

GoTube - Block All Ads
Ditambahkan: 2022-01-23
GoTube - Block All Ads
Ditambahkan: 2021-11-18
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