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Nama ICQ New Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 11.5(824780) Ukuran: 109 MB

Komentar di google play



Bug 1) cannot login with UIN to my existing account on new phone. Bug 2) Cannot disable both "favourite" and share to "favourite" on the other phone.



I can't open it... It always gives option of check your Internet connection even I have internet... Very bad experience because I am unable to open my previous account ....



Waiting for videos to load takes a long time before I can watch it. I can't join any new groups or subscribe to any new channels (I've been using the app for a bit and I'm part of many groups)



My account said it was compromised? I went to the link and it said verified but when I try typing something it still says the same thing. They give u a code that you can't even enter. I want my account back! Someone hacked it!



When I first installed it beginning of 2018 it notified me everytime a text came in. It's been months now that, no matter what I do, it doesn't notify me when texts come in. I changed phones and the problem persists. Update Oct. 7 Notification sound is still unreliable, sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesn't. Update July 4th, 2020, everything seems to be working fine now. I receive all the notifications from my contacts and the app has a secret pin for safety. Very satisfied w/apps privacy.



Very quickly after install it became so slow that it is unusable. I tried clearing but that didn't work. Also stores so much user data >1Gb and there is no option to clear that?? In short app is unusable.



Have been using it from past 2 yrs.. Lil bit of technical glitch here and there, else the app is awesome 👍 Update: after 2 more years of usage (4yrs total),I would say this app has really worked hard in improving. Well done Update.1:. 1.5 more years of continuous usage .still works the same way . sometime lags time but than its ok . Nice work done Best of luck From an old user 😊



Literally does not work. It is impossible to login without a password, and there is no option to register so that you can login with one. Even if you try on their site, the code they send to your phone doesn't work. Edit: and that link they keep posting to "fix" this issue doesn't even mention the login problem anywhere. What a joke



Can't even register. Says "An error has occurred. Please try again later". Tried multiple times. Copied and pasted the code. Error. Selected to allow the app to access phone/call logs etc. It autofilled, then went back to the first screen with the same error again. 5 mins in and I'm already uninstalling. So disappointed.



It keep says updating. Unfortunately I cannot use it. My phones update is latest update and android app as well but I don't know why it keep says UPDATING, it's been 4 and half week now. When ever it was saying updating and next day it was ok but like I said it's been more than 4 and half week now. We've been using this app for over 5 / 6 years. Please do sort this problem out ASAP. Thanks.

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