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Nama Teen Love Story Games For Girls Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 22 Ukuran: 75.7 MB

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It is very intresting game...i like it too one thing which is very disppointed me is that..whenever i open this it said that no connection exit the app...nd i have given it 2 stars becoz at the takes less time but when we go takes 2 or 3 days to unlock one level..please fix this issue..



I played this when I was little. English isn't ny first language so I could barely understand. I got nostalgic and wanted to revisit it. The only difference between now and then. Is the ads. So many ads! It didn't have that. It's really annoying!!!



It's cool and all, but like a lot of other people, unlocking the chapters take way to long. Also there's way too much adds. I remember playing this in the past and there wasn't that many adds. So hope you can do that. Overall it's pretty good, not too shabby.



I can't seem to go on from chapter 2 to 3, it's locked. I waited the hours and even watched the 3 adds but still nothing. If the case is that I need to purchase coins just to move on then I'm deleting it. It was all fine until I tried to get to chapter 3.



This game is amazing! I downloaded a lots of game like this but never find something like this one and I finally find it this game is amazing but it will be more good if we can organize our characters and if it had more dresses. But any it is good but I had to wait 5 freaking days to continue chapter 11😭 it will be more good If I have to wait 1 day



This app won't work. I waited for the chapter 3 to unlock and it says it has unlocked but it won't let me play it. So I tried restarting the game,wiping the data,watched several videos on the app and read the previous chapter none of those things worked.



The game is really nice it had a lot of ups and downs, just as a drama would have, totes love it, wish there wasn't any time waiting in between the episodes. Like I don't like the part where you have to wait a specific time to continue playing the next chapter. That's the major bummer.



I like it very much, but to read the third chapter, you have to wait 24 hours! And it gives you an option to skip waiting by watching 3 ads but even though I watched them, chapter 3 wouldn't open. I find it preposterous that you have to wait 24 hours in the first place and I might uninstall the app because of that! If it were 5 hours, I'd be fine with it, but 24 hours! That's just asking me to uninstall the app!



First of all, with the new Christmas pic and label, I was led to believe this was a continuation of the original game. And I had already played it. Out of all the other games they offer and that I've finished, I wasn't all that thrilled with this one for many reasons. First off, the characters looked mutated and super ugly/scary, compared 2 the other games & ANY games I've played. The plot was mostly boring with very little surprises to me & of course all the grammer errors. I've played games 4 most of my life, which has been a long one & I review them as well as books. This one is just severely lacking in too many ways, I'm sorry 2 say. I'm glad some others enjoyed it.



This is a great game! I love how you can choose what to do, what to wear, and make your owm desicions. The only thing i really do hate is that when a chapter gets unlocked you have to wait so long to play, and also when it goes to another setting, there's so many ads! But otherwise, good game.

Teen Love Story Games For Girls
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Teen Love Story Games For Girls
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Teen Love Story Games For Girls
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Teen Love Story Games For Girls
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-19
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