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Nama Division calculator Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.10 Ukuran: 4.1 MB

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This is such a great app if you need to check the process of certain calculations. I didn't know how much I needed it until now. I was struggling because the result of a calculation I had been doing step by step wasn't leading to the correct one that I got to know through a calculator. Now I know what was my mistake! Very recommended.



Good luck ! this app is Easy to use school calculator. This calculator will help your with long division, long multiplication, addition & subtraction. This cheat calculator can help you with your math homework. Application supports division with reminders, long division and even repeating decimals.



nice app, i use this yesterday for my math exam, it was good. but i can't change different spots for calculating, but i guess i have to subscribe the app for that. but overall it was ok, this app is good.



This is so...thankful of you I really appreciate this app it really helps me with my studies, For those that are thinking to install this app do it now! You will be really grateful and thankful and keep studying! Keep the hard work! Thanks to this app I learned how to do long division and stuff about division it also shows how they got the answer! This app might make you smart! And it would help you with school! I appreciate this app so much That's All Thank You! And have a nice day!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤



Really it's so helpful for any of the student, it helps lots of in division and multiplication. I love this app giving it 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from my experience in this app and satisfied from it, and really it's so helpful



I can't just divide my whole day homework is divide daily and I just can't divide this app helps me to divide and thank you so much for helping me and this app also contains multiplication addition and subtraction I can use any feature and I have learnt all the things thank you so much



My experience from this app so far is great it gives u correct answer and step to step working . I was trouble with long division and now I'm booming I recommend it to you all



some times when doing a long division the screen dims and answer does not show up. beside that it works. I can change my rating if they fix that issue.



Not good since installing on my new Galaxy S10 + which has Android 9.0. When i click on the rotation arrows at top of screen to switch between fracrions and division, nothing happens. Also, the F (X) button does not work, it is "greyed out." All functions of it work on Android 8.0. Since I have paid for this pro app, can you please fix this problem? Thanks.



For any student reading, this app is great. It's 4.7 rating is true. It is such a good app especially when you are sick and tired of doing many pages of long division. It can also help you when you want to learn how to do it properly. So, download the app, and improve your mathematics skills. ~ Student

Division calculator
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
Division calculator
Ditambahkan: 2019-11-16
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