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Nama KAMI 2 Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.4 Ukuran: 68.7 MB

Komentar di google play



Cool puzzle game. You can watch an ad for a hint, but if you close the app, you lose the hints you've unlocked for that level. Every time I've tried watching a 2nd ad for a level, the app crashes and therefore lose the 1st hint, and I have to watch another ad for the 1st hint I've already seen. Very frustrating and kinda ruins it



Awesome game, great graphics, fun and challenging. I really want to like this game, but the ad glitch is unbearable. Watch an ad for a hint - the game freezes and shuts down. Then, open it again - no progress for previously used hints AND you didn't get the hint that you just watched the ad for! Of course, the game does remember that you watched the ad, so you can't watch another ad for 15 minutes.



The overall gameplay isn't bad at all. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible. HOWEVER, like most of the reviews say it's almost impossible to get free hints. Ads do play but the game then freezes to where you have to completely reset the game. Doing this means you lose the hint, so you just watched a 30 second ad for nothing. If this somehow gets fixed this game is very fun but the whole ad situation really puts a damper on it.



I actually love the game! Attractive, challenging, and fun! Perhaps my favorite Android puzzle game ever. However, consistent with other reviews, ads for hints no longer seem to work. They worked sporadically for a while, but now never do. I'm stuck on level 72. It would be awesome if developers responded and fixed the issue. I would be happy to return my rating to five stars if so.



It's beautiful and makes you think. But I really have a gripe about having to not only watch ads for hints (you get only 1 free to start) but if you need more then one, you have to wait 15 minutes until you get the privilege of watching another ad. Oh! And every time you do watch an ad, it closes the game. It makes it unenjoyable, and I'm not going to pay for ad free.



Really fun and engaging. Would be 5 star but the hint system resets every time you open the app. If I've already paid for hints and used them on a puzzle they shouldn't reset. I'm happy to pay for extra hints, but when I use them and then they get reset it's just a waste.



The game is good. The ads, are punishing. At one point it offered a clue if I watched an ad. I declined the offer, so it showed an ad. After I said no. The ad, as all are, is three separate ads for the same thing. You have to watch the ad, skip ahead, then watch gameplay, skip ahead, THEN be sent to the download screen. After all of this, which took more presses than some of the puzzles did, they had the nerve to tell me I could have avoided all of that by giving them money. So I uninstalled.



The game itself is very fun and well designed. Music is pleasant, UI intuitive. I would suggest an undo button, as at the moment the only option is to reset the whole puzzle. I don't mind the hint system requiring ads, that's standard. However, it's problematic that the app closes itself as soon as an ad ends, which can leave you without a hint even though you've watched the ad to earn it. This makes the game unplayable since you can't start more levels until you finish the current set.



Simple, but incredibly addictive. The puzzles are challenging but fair and very satisfying when you finally figure them out. The music is very serene. The folding machanic is very satisfying. There is even an editor to make custom puzzles, which is a cool bonus. Maybe best of all, the amount of ads is more than reasonable for a free to play, especially compared to pretty much every other free to play game in the store. Huge recommend.



I loved this game at the beginning, beautiful and creative puzzles. As the levels get more challenging, though, it is incredibly frustrating that you can't get hints at the point where you are stuck. You have to ask for a hint for every move, some levels are 10 moves, that's $1.99 down the drain.

Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
Ditambahkan: 2021-03-11
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