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Nama Ant Colony - Simulator (early access) Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.4.5_1 Ukuran: 12 MB

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Loving the game so far. There's only a few issues I have. Along with a lot of other people, once you hit a certain point, there is not enough food to replenish the losses you receive during battle. You need to add faster replenishing food sources closer to the Colony. Also, I don't mind the amount of enemies. Maybe a way to control the ants a little more? Like give them a general area to search for food. Or direct them to an enemy to attack. I don't like losing all of my loaders because my Guardians and warriors are not attacking the crab that's right by my base. All in all though, very good game. Keep it up.



I absolutely enjoyed playing this game! There are some UI improvements to be made such as map navigation and individual ant selection. I would love to see the ability to control where certain ants patrol because there have been at least 6 times where a bee snuck through all the way to the hill before being spotted. Keep up the good work!



Great game and I'd love to give it 5 stars but the complete lack of control is quite irritating. When a crab can kill 4-5 soldiers before at least 2 fight it at the same time is annoying. Scouts should be able to explore more than 3 places before they just give up or at least being able to tell them where to explore would be nice. So some pheromone trails or something you can use to tell ants where to go would definitely make it a 5 star game for me.



Pretty fun time killer. refreshing non pay to play game, not overloaded with ads... in fact only had to watch one after several hours of game play. the only downside is the game does not have any way to scale itself after you've cleared the map and killed everything. enemies stop spawning and you just sit and gather auto generating resources infinitely after that point. otherwise, very enjoyable and relaxing.



I've played this game for a total of 8 hours and I'm loving it so far. There are some problems and bugs though, but that is understandable since it's at the early access stage. What I'd be looking forward to seeing is the promised future updates to the AI and underground bases. right now the AI seems clumsy. Scouts missing new food by an inch and returning back and not discovering new areas. Also I think the scout should be able to alert ants of enemies' locations so they can evacuate or fight



I actually really enjoy the game and it's simple art style, however I wish there was more player interaction. Just upgrading ants doesnt make me feel apart of the game. I'm giving 5 stars because I believe you game has potential. Best of luck! I forgot to add, please if possible add a fast forward button. The pace feels a little too slow and watching the ants walk is like watching paint dry 😭



I really enjoy this game, but a few changes shoukd be made. First, I need to be able to open and close information about ants more easily. Whenever I try to open something, I have to click it multiple times, until I hit just the right spot. Afterwards, I can't click out. I'm forced to wait about ten seconds, before I can click on something else. Next, you should beef up the guardians. They don't do much.. Finally, just make the maps bigger. If you cannot, attempt to add multiple colonies.



This is a great game, the gameplay is simple, and easy to learn. There still are a few features you could add to make the game better though, for example, you could make it so you can make ant warriors target a specific enemy, like a spider. You could also make it so scouts search until they reach a certain area, so they dont explore too far and stumble upon a beach, where crabs will start spawning. Overall, really good game.



Game has good concept, but needs some work. Menu overlaps and other bugs. Some more buildings, or more content added to the underground portions would be nice. Also, adjustments to the zooming out. It can be hard on the eyes, and I feel like I want to zoom out WAY more than what is allowed. the cloud cover effect was cool but honestly got in the way, so an adjustment in that as well. I hope to see this game in the future in a fully realized state. also, I love crabs and ants and crabs is good.$



I've cleared the map of all of the hives and spider nests, and revealed the entire map and beyond. Only took 3 days. My advice would be to make the map significantly larger, or add more difficulty to the enemy bases. Other than that, I like the premise of it. Maybe add some interior options to the anthill, like additional buildings to unlock new units or something. Just my thoughts. Good luck.

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