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Nama Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 0.556 Ukuran: 125.4 MB

Komentar di google play



Game sucks. No real save available & skeletons attack your ship about every 2 minutes. Uninstalled. If the "view videos for 5 coins" option becomes unavailable, there is a wi-fi icon on the coin purchase, which never works with my phone. I desperately tried to save my gatherings & my weapons but since I had no other options, I was forced to lose everything. I refuse to start over again after days of play. Very frustrating.



has the potential to be a good game if updated..items fall through the map & once you put an item down you can not move it or destroy it. work needs to be done to this game in order to keep somones interest. well I finally gave up this morning on this game & uninstalled. lost numerous items, food, water issues. once you have all the bugs worked out I might give it another try but thats going to be awhile from now.



Addicting and better than many survival games that have no purpose whatsoever. I was pleased to find a purpose with the dungeon but that was it (unless we're all missing something and maybe I'll look more). Like others say the undead attack a lot...but you do need skill up points and you can walk the whole island before undead attack. Map not very big. I dont mind default home upgrades, but need more dungeons at least. Interesting that some things HAVE to be found, ie nails. Wheres the kraken?



Health, hunger, and thirst drop entirely too fast to keep up with it. The attack on your shelter comes way too early in the game. Like within minutes of fixing it. The user interface is awkward and clumsy, but the graphics are ok. Lol honestly the game needs a lot of work. Great concept, just poor application.



Made it to level 10 and it said game over. I really hope it continues on. I have made so much progress and have lots of chests full of stuff. I don't want to lose my progress. I enjoyed the story line and have been playing for several days. I think should add: Torches- for night time Ability to move chest or items after placing them Maybe a bed A better flat place to build home. Had to build around rocks and trees. Not really convenient. Fixing the mob hurts you even at distance.



Fun game, but it needs additional mobs and locations. I've been playing for a few weeks and I've already done everything. I've built the ship, explored the church and dungeon, and battled every mob in the game, without spending money or crafting the expensive guns. Now there is nothing new, and little incentive for me to keep playing. (Stone spears and bandages will get you a long way in this game. Rusted sabers for waves of skeletons. Use bows for bears. Head to the water so you don't die.)



good idea for a game however the U/I sucks ! half the time one of the features doesn't work. it's either the directional, or menu access, or the "watch video for water/food/or health, or the grab feature. then there's tohe whole supply finds to necessity ratio is WAY off. Then there's the island dangers to weapon building capabilities ratio. you should have experience levels, then you need to limit the number of lethal animals or at least limit the tenacity of the animals to fit the level player



It's a fun game. A question for the developers: am I supposed to be able to upgrade my boat house past level 3? The paper by the entrance lights up but there are no options like before. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or that's all I can do Edit: there hasn't been any response from the developer. This game is full of loads of glitches. After grinding forever to get into the dungeon, the results were super underwhelming, and there was really nothing left to do. There's also a church for no reason.



Love the game in general. However one thing that would help out some is more of a tutorial in game. Or shorts scripts for items. There isn't much to find on internet about it. For instance what is the green bottle with red dot that appeares on the screen randomly. One other thing that may hold interest longer is to possibly have more to explore. Maybe different areas after different levels. A way of panning out would be good too, some areas are just to close up, especially in bushy areas.



Overall happy, a few minor things. When I upgraded from camp 2 to 3 the second floor changed height. So the chests I put up there went through the floor and now hang on the ceiling. Not an issue as I can still access but disappointing, the loom also went partially through the floor. It seems like there should be a level 4 as the stats weren't maxing and the paper still glows blue but I can't interact with it anymore.

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