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Developer: Privacy Geeks
Kategori: Foto
Versi Android: 5.0+
Ukuran: 12 MB
Download: 4
0 / 0
Diperbarui: 09.04.2021
Batasan: Everyone


  • Penyimpanan rahasia untuk hampir semua jenis file.
  • Menyamar sebagai kalkulator biasa.
  • Perlindungan login sidik jari.
  • Enkripsi data yang kuat.
  • Mengambil foto pada upaya login yang gagal.


  • Banyak iklan.
  • Menggunakan sandi yang terlalu pendek.
  • Manajemen file yang disimpan tidak nyaman.


Hide photo! Lock photo! Hide photo, video and files easily. Looking for the best Secret Album for hidden photo, video and files?
Download LOCKED Calculator Vault to create your Secret Photo Album and join people who really care about their own privacy! 😎

Hide private photo and lock your pics, whole albums and files and put them in secret folder. Now they are in the safest secret place in the world! Nobody can reach it except you. No jokes. Nobody. Only you 🔒

Calculator Vault is a secret photo hide app that lets you hide your pictures and other files. Keep sensitive data that you do not want others to see in our absolutely 100% privately and safe. Secure your hidden photo and other files by locking them down in Safe Gallery with PIN protection, Pattern lock or fingerprint.

Fake Calculator Vault LOCKED does not just hide pictures and videos like many other spycalc apps do. For encrypting and securing safe your personal hidden photos, videos and files Secret Gallery applies a proven military-grade AES encryption which is used by governments & banks worldwide.

With LOCKED Fake Calculator Vault, you can easily protect your privacy, secure safe lock photos, videos and other important files and be sure that nobody will see that you don't want to be shown. Now it’s the safest secret vault for hiding and protecting all of your private personal photos, pics, videos and other hidden data! No tricks. Full 100% security 🎯

🔑 *Calculator Mode* lets you disguise LOCKED Calculator Vault as a common Calculator app. The icon and the apps name will be look like a default Calculator app. You can use its interface for getting into the fake calculator Secret Photo Album. It will be really difficult to find out that you use a Secret Safe app and Video Hider. If you don't need to hide the vault app than you can use the default LOCKED Calculator Vault operation mode protected safe by a password or fingerprint

👥 *Privacy Browser* lets you surf around the web without leaving any kind of traces in the main system. It is not a secret that most of large sites collect all of the data they can reach through your device: your adjacent accounts, identities, etc. Visit your favorite sites without connecting to your real life accounts! With Privacy Browser, you can download photos and hide them into your Secret Photo Album instantly

📝 *Secret Notes* let you keep a secret diary or write down small notes in the special notebook and put it in your secret Safe Vault. Write down secret phone numbers and protect your sensitive thoughts easily with our app! Nobody will read it except you

🕶️ *Fake Vault* protects you against people who force you to open your private Secret Photo Album. Create a fake vault with a separate password which opens a decoy vault where you can place some spoofing content to distract the intruder. Nobody suspects that you have any other files in your secret vault

💥 *Intruder Selfie* lets you to be noticed if someone attempts to reach your LOCKED Calculator Vault pictures, videos or other private data! Capture intruders trying to open your secret Hidden Gallery with a selfie and track break-in attempts

🔄 *Trash Recovery* lets retrieve photos you’ve mistakenly deleted

We are focused on your privacy. That is the reason why we do not use any kind of cloud backups to prevent your data from any risk of unauthorized access.
Also we work hard on convenience and simplicity of our apps. If you have some ideas please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a feedback! ✔️

Contact us
💻 Website:
✉️ Email: [email protected]

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