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Nama Medieval Battle Simulator: Sandbox Strategy Game Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.8 Ukuran: 18.1 MB

Komentar di google play



Nice game but rather short. Once you have discovered the Kozak's tactic - massive amount of cavalry without formation with the row of heavy archers at the back - you are winning every battle and zooming to the end.



Game seemed fun but ads after every... Single... Game... And every time you go to the menu or anything is terrible. I get it that you got to make money but it makes the game unenjoyable



Not a sandbox game it has no sandbox mode. UI is awful and after after battle it makes you sit through an unstoppable 20 second or longer advert. Dont waste your time on this



the idea is very good, but because you can't direct troops they just going around uncontrolled, the initial strategy does not fulfill itself. i enjoyed a couple of battles but when you see horsemen turning away they prey you got a bit upset: )



cool game. be good to se this idea expanded to a game which has simple resources for a territory expansion style of game. multiple factions some allied some enemies. Counts, Dukes,Kings, Vassals and leige concepts would be cool too.



Just... No. There is more add time than game time. Extremely basic, fun for about 5 levels then you have basically done it all and have watched a 30 second add for every app in the play store.



Good concept. But terrible execution. First of all, you watch more ad than you play. Secondly, the camera is god awful. You can't toggle properly, which pretty much renders the whole game useless because you can't see the enemy army. Even if it is fixed, there's no other gameplay features. You can't dircet specific units so the game lacks tactical versatility.



like the idea however the game is just too easy. also lots of ads but I really don't mind they're geared towards what I like and I've actually downloaded one or two I'm dropping your game down 2 one star I went to every level of your game which was too easy in the first place when I got to the final level you dropped me back down to the first level you guys are a bunch of idiots why would you do that what's wrong with you guys learn how to program a game



I like this game a lot because 1. You pretty much can do anything you want to 2. The horses are the best at killing evry unet I like got through 20 levels with the horses!😎😄😀 but the only thing I don't like about the game is 1. Lag 2. Graphics. I'm not trying to say that it looks ugly no no no. But that's all it's the only reason why I gave it a 4.0 stars anyways it is a relly good game ok by!!!🤚✌✋👍



The game's camera controls are terrible. The concept of the game, that you choose the layout and composition of an army which then fights autonomously and succeeds or fails on the strength of your macro level strategy, is completely undermined by the fact that you're not shown what enemy you will be facing. You pick the type of unit and place anywhere on a grid, however nowehere on that grid is the enemy represented. This is a very flawed game. It seems unfinished in the rush to cash in on TABS.

Medieval Battle Simulator: Sandbox Strategy Game
Ditambahkan: 2021-03-25
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