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Nama Voice Changer Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.1.49 Ukuran: 10.8 MB

Komentar di google play



I rate it 5 stars because it's really fun to use and changing my voice is really weird but fun



It would be great... but the ads are simply insufferable. I understand the need for ads but the frequency and their target IQ ruins it. Another thing is that the the app decides what volume is appropriate, like MAX volume, goes ahead and changes it without asking and blasts audio annoyingly. Way to ruin an otherwise entertaining app.



Fun app and works well and easy to use. The only thing that needs improvement is the ability to remove effects you don't like as there seems to be the same effects (if not virtually identical) that have a different name. Maybe have an option to select your favourite and save them in a list so you don't need to scroll through loads that you can't remember if you liked or not. There's 52 in the list but personally I wouldn't use more than 10 of them. Other than that it does what it says 👍🏻



Argggg. Well it worked 100% last time I used it, now I had to use it again for my short film that I need to edit, so now I can't do my work because it doesn't save my recording it says saved but there is no save file and I am loosing a lot of work and I don't have the time for this. I really like the sound effects I can create with this app cause most other apps just sounds the same with every different settings but this app actually has a wide spectrum of effects. Can someone please fix this



It contains numerous voices and sound effects, but still lacks the voices of a Girl. The woman voice very bad Please add. Thans. ABDULAZIZ



Cool app. Doesn't have good human voices. Most voices don't change it much.



The female voice is not perfect cos that is my objective in the app... But a very great app though....



It's very...bland It came clear to me that this app didn't have what I expected from it: personalization or color in any way. It's an OK app but could use a little more personalization like changing background or having a little robot/alien etc. that is actually saying the recording. I deleted it after 5 min. of playing with it. It's flat out boring I'm sad to say.😐😐😐



Some of the options were interesting and sounded pretty good but many of the choices were redundant. My favorite was "old man" because it took my very feminine voice and turned it into a definitively male voice. Overall, it works well and does what it is supposed to do.



Almost all the voices are just slightly various tones of one another, the alien voice still sounded normal, some of them are miss-labeled for instance "valley" should have just been labeled as an "echo" sound effect. In my opinion the app should compile all of their supposed "voices" into just a very few, yet much more accurately balanced and especially accurately labeled tones.

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