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Nama Monument Browser Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.0.335 Ukuran: 1.3 MB

Komentar di google play



I gave 2 stars because it rotates screen landscape and portrait. Even my android is on portrait mode. There are no settings of screen rotation. See uc browser built in video player. It forward and backwards video with swipe. And can control brightness and volume with swipe. You can make it much better by adding these stuff to your browser.



Wow! Very impressed by the level of scope in this browser and still managing to have a pretty tidy ui at the same time. I have a few requests: 1. I use an unrootable phone with 16gb internal memory and would *really* appreciate it if all saved pages and other saved data had sdcard storage option. 2. Manage my saved pages more; maybe in folders. Be able to see more page links at once per page. Find lozenge too bulky. 3. Different colour themes for nightmode. Apart from that, fabulous!



This is... Alright. I paid for the paid version (although it was an accident) but absolutely nothing changed. And then there are other problems such as images not loading, pages not loading unless I restart the app and soooo many other problems. The speed of this browser is amazing tho. Love the interface too.



I loved the app at the beginning, loaded fast, and easy to use.. BUT the app stops every 2 mins out of the "box"; I timed it 8 times browsing Facebook mobile as a test, and even without browsing and just while looking (not changing) the app's setting. Nothing I did to troubleshoot could avoid this 2 min stopping. (HTC 10 with Oreo). Fix that and I'm back.



This is not your regular browser, it beats imagination. This is that browser you've always wanted to have. Sleek, smooth, fast, advanced, and simple. I was able to load a CRM desktop site exactly the way it appears on my laptop without drag or delay. Many browsers I tried in the past failed to load CRM app properly. Less than 30 mins using the browser and I'm blown away already. Everyone should try this, no kidding.



This is by far the best browser l have found. I recently purchased it on my Windows phone. It is even better on Android phones. Definitely 5 stars! On Windows mobile phones, however, it can be installed onto your SD card. It would be even better if it could be on Android phones. However, it doesn't take up a lot of storage space, unlike that awful Google Chrome! I have just purchased it on here, too. Awesome 😎 l am not getting the pro version on this phone. I have it now!



Nice app with each and every important function. The black mode is very good and effective for night reading. Ad blocker doesn't work untill you have premium. Accelrated download function as VERY EFFECTIVE. It allows only 4 connection per download in free version. You have to upgrade to premium for 32 connection. This app doesn't contain ads. It allows to take full page screenshot. It contains read mode but i dont found it too much effective. Bytheway;it is a great browser. I reccommend it!



This is without a doubt the BEST browser for Android -hands down. I've tried (and bought) them ALL they're not even close don't waste your time. Great job Devs -I HIGHLY recommend. If you have the extra $2.99 to buy the ad free -DO IT!! No ads + extras are well worth it. I'd have gladly paid much more for the quality of this browser. FAST FAST 💨FAST!!



So dang slow. Like, I thought it wasn't opening pages at all at first. Doesn't understand what "about:blank" is, and doesn't have an option to open a new tab with nothing in it. It seriously just Google searches for "about:blank". Tabbed browsing is weirdly spread out. It's hard to know at a glance how many, or what, tabs I have open. I've used this app for about a minute and I already can't stand it. If I could give this 0 stars, I would. I couldn't get through super basic setup without finding obvious issues. Hot Garbage / 10, do not recommend. Edit: Dev response below is, frankly, terrible. Do not use this product.



This is a really great browser and could be used as a solid daily driver if the problems with it are rectified. My 2 major problems are 1. Font size: The font size in the UI of the browser (not the webpages) is too small compared to the screen space the UI takes and that makes the app look like web wrapper apps with sub standard UI, And 2. User Agent setting: I am aware there is a setting in the settings menu to quickly change the view mode of the browser from mobile to desktop and other such modes but this feature is not stable. The desktop mode works on some sites while it does not on other sites. This wouldn't be a problem if all websites had a properly made mobile version but that is not the case and hence desktop mode is a constant requirement. These 2 problems are the only thing stopping me from using this as my default browser. Any user, including me would consider supporting the devs by paying to remove the ads after these two issues are sorted out.

Monument Browser
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-11
Monument Browser
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-11
Monument Browser
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-11
Monument Browser
Ditambahkan: 2021-07-30
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