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At the flrst install, there was no icon, but the 2nd time the icon installed perfectly. There have been no "issues" and I love the many interesting features, including local weather for the day, and the type and variety of plants to work with each day, according to the phase of the moon...much like The Farmer's Almanac, only much nicer! Thank you JOCS for a well-designed app! p.s. "Tell us more" ne marche pas...



WOW!! This app got a major facelift since I last had it installed. Great additions and more modern look. I highly recommend for anyone looking to start gardening with the natural rythym of the earth. 4 stars because I paid for premium and am still getting ads but if premium took ads away it would get 5. Weather also doesn't translate from Catalan to English.



This app is easy to use and well laid out. It helps me organize and prioritize my gardening duties. The advised day notification and explanations are wonderful features. I live in the West Indies, I'm not sure yet how well it will work here. I have only used it for transplanting once so far and I noticed a difference in the moisture retention of the cuttings compared to other random times. So far, so good.



I'm still unsure about the accuracy of the descriptions of the effects of the moon and sign positions on the crops I plant, but the app itself is quite well done! It's very a good overall gardening diary app with a decent amount of information and options for recording plant progress. I would only wish the notes section was slightly better but truthfully that's a small nitpick.



Ads pop up in the middle of using it. Total garbo EDIT 3/16/21 Trying it is one thing to see if someone would want to disable in app ads if the app is worth it. The annoying part is you can't tell how it's like due to the ads instantly popping in. I could not test the app due to ads. Therefore it's not worth anyone's time to DL. Look elsewhere others. EDIT 3/18/21: one ad or 20. Doesn't matter how many if you can't use it. Of course you can close the ad, I don't want to be closing ads all day



Strangely, this December 2020 I see that January is noted all month to be "Leaf". It continues into 2021 for the rest of the year. I'm not sure why this is how it is set up, but the result is difficulty for planning after the current month. I really like the app, as it simplifies a very complex principle. Fun graphics, handy format. Please adjust so future months are accurate.



Uninstalling after having it for less than 24 hours. Everything was correct when I first opened the app, but within 15 minutes it started showing that the moon was in a different sign-the WRONG sign. I've checked it periodically throughout the day and it's still showing the wrong sign for the moon. Disappointed.



App has useful information, but significant issues: 1) the plant information is all in French for the English version of the app, with no way to change 2) the user interface is confusing. If I select a day on the calendar, I should be able to see the information right there. Instead, you have to select a day, then press "today" to view details. The icons for new moon/full moon are also reversed from what seems intuitive 3) App crashes constantly! Works for maybe 5 minutes at a time



This app would be great if I could buy the premium version, but each time I try there is an error and transaction is declined (not happening on other apps). Also, the research tool doesn't work and there is no way to change the language from within the app... And no way to contact any help other than leaving this review. I will change it to more stars if I get some help with my issue... Thanks in advance!



Setting up my garden this year with great help from this app. Love the interactive garden grid to help with layout and input of exactly what you planted. The research area is very helpful with info on when to plant, transplant, sow, trim, harvest....for individual crops. The calendar shows exactly when and when not to do all of the above accordingly with the waxing & waning of the moon. :-)

Moon & Garden
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Moon & Garden
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