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Nama MortPlayer Music Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.2.5 Ukuran: 3.9 MB

Komentar di google play



I thought this app was to remove tags on mp3s but my mp3 songs are still numbered 1mp3 2mp3 ect I have no idea what song will be played until i listen to it I cant make a playlist with numbers I would have to listen to every song, that would take forever. If im doing something wrong that prevents the tags from being removed from the mp3s please let me know.



The best player for me as it plays randomly between folders. Also, when set to random it definitely randomize the music files unlike other players that says random but keeps on playing the same order of music again and again. Just brilliant!



Fully customizable. Folder based, equalizer and all functions you may desire in a music player. And: solid as a rock. No updates since a long time, but no need for them: it is perfect.



Good app! But seems like the developer left the project. It needs to be updated as it's widget app crushes instantly on android 9. Have been using this app with every android gadget i get. It's a very simple player, with nice UI, and plays by folder hierarchy, yet free. Please update.



I tried to like it, it probably does some things amazingly but I immediately hated it when it wanted to "scan my folders". I wanted it to just play what I told it to but it tries to rearrange everything, it pulls out all the subfolder names and then alphabetises THEM instead of of the structure I've had them in for years. Every time I try to find something it gets the wrong track from that folder and " skip" just plays the next folder instead of the next track. The only redeeming feature would be the graphic equaliser but there wasn't one. I had a version of Mortplayer on my first Android and loved it but now it's horrible. After just a few minutes of not being able to find any track I wanted to play, it managed to make me hate it this much. Well done!



After updating my phone drivers I'm now able to access my sd card. I'm now having trouble getting the app to sort my files within a folder based upon track number. With some folders it works ok but others it sorts based upon file name instead. It's a relatively minor issue but would like to fix if possible. 😀😃😊 Still Very Happy with this App



Good app, Plays the songs folderwise. Just one problem if you add the songs in the folder,it doesn't adds it automatically in the play list. There is a way for reloding the folder data but when you do so it changes the sequence of the list that you shuffelled.



Before the update, buttons (play, pause, stop, skip, next folder) could be accessed on the lock screen and by way of the pull down notification screen. Now the lock screen and pull down notification screen will only take you to the app, but will NOT WORK. WHY? Also. Never could make playlists through the app



It was a great app and probably the only advanced music player which could play from folder back in the early android years, but sadly it hasn't been maintained for quite a while. VLC has similar functionalities with a more intuitive UI and more supported file formats, so it's time for me to say goodbye and move on. Thank you Mr. Dev!



A very nice, folder based music player, it even coped with my whole 250GB music library, though it did take several hours to scan them all, it's worth doing though as subsequent file/folder browsing is much faster, has everything I could ever need. Hope you can keep it going on future Android releases. Will be buying you a beer or two for all of your work. :-)

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