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Nama Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.3.21 Ukuran: 35.7 MB

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Worked fine for the first week. Then, "removed from memory ...make adjustments" notification. Did that a few times. I'm done. I just need it to work. My whole intent with using this kind of app ... during activities where I have the ability to answer a call but can't see the screen ... I need to KNOW who's ringing my phone is from my contacts ... period.



After using this app for almost a year now, I can still give it 5 stars! It blocks EVERY call except those in my contact list. The only issue is this. While on a call, if a call comes in and it blocks it, it hangs up on the person I'm talking too. The only way I have found around this is to turn off the blocker temporarily when I'm on the call, or turn it off before I call someone.



App working pretty well however I think the database which is promoted within the application could be a culprit. App in my case does not block incoming calls while I am on the call. Instead it seems to be either crashing or going into weird state because I can not see it in the notification panel anymore. Overall, I would say that this is a nice improvement for your phone. Options are working the way app is designed. In my case: Everything which is not in my address list goes to hell. As simple as that .. as long as I am not on the call, all those annoying calls are dropped. Just keep your address book consistent with the your phone provider's numbering plan. I use international format of the numbers and everything works fine. Unfortunately, I reached out to developer over the email but there is no response. Is the app out of support now ?



Excellent. App works like a charm. The robo calls have stopped bothering me-no ring and they go straight to email. I'm verry happy with the way this app works. Review- Chapter 2: had to uninstall because I was getting/missing valid calls from Drs. Not on my contact list. When I uninstalled, then re-installed the app, it stopped working altogether! One more try and then I'm done. If a spammer does leave a voicemail, it's easy to add them to the Blacklist so that number is blocked in the future.



If you want the one that can be configured to just silence unknown calls (not in your contacts) and actually works, this is the one. So much easier than blacklists. Sometimes a spam call leaves a message but that's pretty easy to delete. If someone not in your contacts needs to legitimately get ahold of you they can still leave a message. Unless I look at the log on the app, I will never know the spam call ever existed.



When this app is running, it does kill unwanted calls. Although I did disable battery optimization for this app, it still periodically stops running. The FAQs are a great feature but not up to date. The Samsung-specific advice in the FAQ is old. Android 12 on my S21 does not have any of the same Android settings terminology. I'd like to pay the one-time cost for the ad-free version but I want to see this app become more stable in a future version. My rating will go up when/if that happens.



Works great! I actually upgraded to pro. Kept getting alot of weird calls and this allows me to block every one except contacts. Or, if I want to set up a certain way I can. Recommendation: block entire area codes/prefixes and to stop all the 3rd party trackers like fb in your app. Duck duck go tracker blocker showed just how many is in this app and details. It's like this in the paid version. It's none of their business and your paid customers should not be subject to that. 2 stars bc of that.



This app keeps dumping the memory by itself. It doesn't work with Bluetooth devices either. All spam calls get through. I emailed them to inquire about the issues and they said they would check it and get back to me. That was months Ago. Stop calling me is the wrong name for this app..... because "they" keep calling me and getting through! Delete delete!!!!!!!!!!



Okay, I've been using this app over a month, and I don'thave any choice but to give it five stars. Reason, it's working. It's that simple. All you have to do is have it block all calls that aren't on your contact list, and you're done. And you can blacklist crazy calls. This app unlike others, I've used doesn't need to be the default app for calls. My phone, the Motorola One 5G won't allow third party apps to be the default call app, like many apps require to work properly.



This app really does work and is worth downloading. I was getting up to 10 robo calls a day. I work at night and sleep during the day, so these phone calls were super annoying! The easiest way to do this is to just select "block all calls except for contacts." It blocks every call except for the people in my contact list. I can finally sleep in peace! You do not have to set it as a default app. Simple. This app saved me from having to change my phone number and from going nuts! Thank you! 🙂

Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker
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Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker
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Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-25
Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
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