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Nama Night screen Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 15.2 Ukuran: 4.1 MB

Komentar di google play



YES! Oh, how I've needed this app. Simple, effective, and very low on space. Thank you, developer! ❤️ Only suggestion is that it would be nice to have my phone's drop-down menu/settings to be darkened along with the rest of my screen and to have the slider there. Oh, I've just paired it with my phone's dark mode, and it's become even better!



I am verry happy with this app. I think you will be too. This app. is easier and more specific when adjusting the display to brighten or darken than other apps I have tried. This app. has a blue light filter. This app. has a timer I can set so the filters I like come on and off (at the times that suit my schedule) automatically, saving me from having to do a whole lot of redundant keystrokes. This gives me more time to do what I love most reading.



Not for new phones. I have s21ultra and it doesn't work with normal operating apps or systems. I couldn't open any apps including this one. My screen was dimmer, but that was the only positive. The only way I could turn it off was to pull down the notifications bar and select the app that way and kill it so I can get normal functionality.



This app makes it very easy and fast to adjust the brightness. Although I had searched for another app which I used on an older device, I am glad I found this one. Unlike some other apps, the adjustment bar goes away when you are finished changing the brightness level, so screenshots taken while the app is in use don't have the bar written over the photo.



I really like this one :) I like how the app does not have to open either I get to click on the app icon and the setting to navigate the ammont of light I want is automatic and FAST just like the autimatic volume setting on the phone can pop open! Awesome and convenient! Especially when I don't want to inturrupt a sleepy baby I'm trying to lay down :)



Once they got enough free users they switched to an annoying, poorly programmed popup that asks you for money when you try to open the widget. I just tried using the app and it locked up my screen. Couldn't tap anything, all but a couple random swipe functions gone. I'm talking about my home screen btw not the app screen If you can't program a popup, and can't release an update without causing system locking errors...



Abandoned by developer. Last updated in 2020... with the new Android update this app still dims the screen but touch screen capabilities are gone only allowing the use of the bottom screen buttons such as back, home and most recent apps. It was such a good app and I feel that it could be a simple fix.



I've been using this for years and it's been great. Since the 12.0 Android update it no longer works properly. When the screen is dimmed, you can't really do much of anything (touch does not work). I'll put this to a 5 when it's fixed. I'm using another product that works, but I like less well. I reached out to the developer some weeks back and did not hear back. I suspect this app has been abandoned



This is an amazing that is non intrusive and overall so fantastic. It's really easy on the eyes during late nights and I use it almost everyday! Thank you so much! EDIT: since the latest Software update on Samsung Android, the app no longer works. I can't click on the screen. Changing my review to 1 star until the bug is fixed.



Been using the app for a while on my Samsung s8. However, I got a newer Samsung and the app does not allow the touch screen to work when activated. To fix the problem, I have to close the app from the notification bar. I hope this problem is fixed because it's a really simple app that just has some bugs to fix.

Night screen
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Night screen
Ditambahkan: 2022-08-06
Night screen
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Night screen
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