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Nama News Suite by Sony Ekstensi: apk
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Komentar di google play



Too cluttered, too much space for pictures, not enough for text. And ads look deceptively like articles - you have to look hard to see the difference. This seems deliberate to generate more clicks, but it's deception and the main reason I am uninstalling.



I have been using it for a long time, and certainly like it, however, the ads... They are getting quite annoying. I would be great if there was a way to remove them, like a paid version, or whatever. It would also be nice to sync it in between devices, but since there is no account required to use it, I can understand some limitations.



This app was installed along with updates onto my Xperia 10 Plus. It started to send me notifications that I didn't want and ignored, and unfortunately hadn't had time to disable in the settings. Just now, the app sent me a notification which spoiled the newest episode of Game of Thrones only a few hours after it aired. I was about to watch it. This is unforgivable.



Some of the clickbait is so obviously fake. For instance, there will be a picture of someone like Phillip Schofield, and a vague headline implying they are in serious legal trouble. On top of that, the actual content is pretty much the same as all of the other news apps around. To make it worse, I can't remove the app from my 'phone. Also, you can't just click on most stories to read them, you've got to click on a story, then click on read more, so you've got two presses to open.



After the Oct 7 update this app is now less crashy and less laggy. All this while using this app has been a frustrating experience but I had no choice since I rely on it to get news from Japan. Good thing that it gets better now. I guess Sony has figured out how to make the app more efficient. Hopefully it will continue to improve from here on.



This App brings you an excellent way of learning about the things that are happening in the world, be it from a quick read in the push notifications on your phone or entering the App to read more about a specific newsletter. The ability of the App to have a personalized news tabs are great too, because you can keep in touch with the news that interests you the most.



I can't believe it's Sony! It's all over the place. The default news sources are gutter press: sports, women and low-brow politics. It's over run by adverts and it's a nightmare to navigate. There's no filter option and it lacks any serious customisation options. Visually, it could do with a higher definition appearance, too.



I opened this app (for the first time in a while) after updating it just now. Immediately I realised why I don't use it anymore, because of the overwhelming amount of bloody ads! Despite the interesting news topics that you have access to it's so difficult to differentiate between the news itself and the advertising.



Not using it currently but have used it for some time earlier. It's an advertisement delivery app rather than a NEWS app. Thought I'd try it again but no improvement; it's cluttered, can't decide whether it wants to keep or cede control over what & how the content is to be delivered and has confusion all around. It also started bombing me with get quick rich scheme ads. Change the "Contains ads." to "Contains spam". Goodbye.



Dont waste your time it crashes your phone thought it was cos i had an old phone so got a new phone more memory and up to date and the app still crashes the phone total waste of time too many adverts and then asking to subscribe to papers get a grip of yourself a dont buy papers what makes you think a want to subscribe whennyour app cant even stay open long enough to read one story good bye waste of space app data recording for google pure useless

News Suite by Sony
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News Suite by Sony
Ditambahkan: 2022-08-12
News Suite by Sony
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News Suite by Sony
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