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Nama PC Simulator Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.7.1 Ukuran: 29.1 MB

Komentar di google play



Good game like the PC building part but a few things that would be cool to see is u have to plug the PC into the wall and monitor and also if u could make a more fun way to make money other then hitting a button 30,000 times that would be great keep up the good work 👍



i love this game, so addicting and weird achievements. well il love to add some new rams like 64gb ram, a browser which is most common for us, and more graphics cards, and last, some OS versions like WindowsOS, MacOS, linuxOS, and other antivirus apps. thats all and hope it will be in 1.8.0



It's a great game but the reason I gave it a four is the fact that I lost my save (with the recent update that came out) which I spent hours on and had loads of money and bitcoin. I'm not sure of it happened to me only but it is frustrating to lose something you've spent so much on.



Tedious when doing the double story and the monitor breaks EVERY TIME I literally have to catch it, the rotational controls are so obnoxiously annoying it got to the point where I want to cry you cant make a PC set up look anything like the pictures unless you spend a few hours messing with the pc



The concept is solid but there's room for improvement. Details like wires and cables are missing and the controls are IMPOSSIBLE. I spent 10 minutes and managed to get the RAM onto the MB but mostly only threw parts around the room. This is sad because it's such an amazing opportunity to teach PC building.



Things that might make this game a perfect game 1:No wires we need wires and cables just like the PC Building Simulator 2:Need More Parts and add more Information about that Component 3:add multiplayer and that you can open the Door and there's shop that you can walk thru and buy some parts Shop Parts are far Cheaper but less good online Shop Expensive But More Good 4:Add a competition



Overall great game but some things I noticed/ don't like: 1 when you buy the normal black monitor from the original set of parts on double storey it falls to the ground and smashes, Ive tried catching it 5 times now. 2: Bitcoin purchases I love the new parts. Especially the crt monitor but I don't like how you have to use Bitcoin just for parts and can't you make the accessories in the catalogue like the keyboard. Do all this and I will rate 5 star and recommend to my friends



READ TILL THE END. this is the best game I can play when I feel like a good simulator and this is such an old game for me 😁 and here is 2 updates I want you to add 😌 first I want you to re add. First I want little mini games you can play on the PC. And last but not least I want you to add a curser and mouse for the PC that would be fun! So that's it make these I will rate 5 STARS 🌟



The game is fun but there's a big bug where every single computer that's running its cooler will break and the processor will instantly overheat which sucks when you have 6 miners you have to replace the all but in general it's pretty fun I suggest you get it when they patch that bug. PS I dont know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug please let me know if it is. But I do have a good idea for you guys you should make it so the only way to remove parts is to use the remove part tool.



I love this game, but I have a issue: The glass case shatters when it lands on the ground most of the time, could you make a special shipping package for that? And could you make a MPU so you can have multiple windows open at once on the computer? Or maybe a creative mode to get to understand the different parts more. All and all, though, I love this game

PC Simulator
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PC Simulator
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